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Watch How Bounce Houses are Made

Magic Jump is proud to be featured in the Discovery Channel program "Some Assembly Required." Thanks to this informative program, people now have the opportunity to witness the manufacturing process of these popular inflatable bounce houses. The program covers the assembly of a bounce house from A to Z, that is, from Computer Aided Design, scientific makeup of the vinyl fabric, use of a state of the art digital cutting board, to the final testing. 

This featured program is very educational for clients and users to witness how Magic Jump stands out from its competitors. Magic Jump is administratively large enough to be one of the major producers in the industry, but still carries the strict ethical standards found in small family sized businesses. Magic Jump’s dedication to building long-lasting relationships with its customers as well as its employees are the reasons why Magic Jump has one of the most experienced staff and service. To us this is important because we believe an experienced and knowledgeable staff translates into high quality products that customers are satisfied with. In addition to this, we use the highest precision cutting machines, as featured in the program, to ensure the production of precise patterns and inflatables. Therefore, these qualities, along with others, are what separate Magic Jump from its competitors. We hope you will witness our commitment to producing the highest quality products after watching the featured program, and get to know Magic Jump better and how we stand out from our competitors.

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