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A Fun Day Indoors With The Kids!

Parents are always in search of a creative way to keep their children entertained. Over the years a Family Entertainment Center, or FEC for short, have become an increasingly popular way for parents to entertain their children with activities that are fun and exciting within a safe and convenient environment. If you are a parent, you know very well how quickly your children's eyes light up when they hear the name of a theme park or a family fun center. Family fun centers are attractive options for parents, as they provide a fun place to take children to over the weekend. It is very easy to arrange a day of fun with children and friends at family fun centers. A family entertainment center also serves as a great venue to host any party or event for children.

The rapid growth of FEC locations presents an excellent business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Demand is high for affordable family entertainment, yet many communities remain without any indoor family fun centers. Incorporating inflatable play structures into FEC locations has proven to be a prosperous venture for entrepreneurs who have an eye for niche markets. The concept of having interactive inflatables in a private party facility offers guests everything they need to enjoy a great celebration. Family entertainment centers truly are a benefit to the community and entrepreneurs alike.

How We Can Help

Starting a new FEC business venture can be challenging. With all the paperwork to be done and the run-around, the process can be tiresome. Why not let us do some of the legwork for you? Your success with a family entertainment center will depend on a few key elements, the foremost being partnering up with the right inflatable manufacturer to supply you with the best inflatable attractions for your family fun center. With many years of experience, we will give you all the insider tips that you need to point you in the right direction toward a successful FEC operation. We will assist you in selecting the right location, the best commercial bounce house and other products to help establish your FEC business. We will even help you decide on a proper floor plan for your family fun center. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to get started on this great opportunity.Our FEC Solutions

Indoor Inflatable ManufacturerDue to the high request we receive for our inflatable slides and other products for use in FEC locations, we have introduced a new standard of inflatables classified as Indoor Play Center (IPC), or indoor inflatables. Under these standards, we adjust our inflatables to a higher level of durability needed for everyday indoor use at indoor family fun centers. One innovative feature we incorporated in our jumping castles and other rides made for use at FEC locations is double-layered vinyl in common areas of high wear and tear. This extends the life of the inflatable to up to twice as long as the expected lifespan of a regular inflatable. These new features are a must have on all inflatable games and products intended for use at family entertainment centers.


Q: How big of a facility do I need to start a Family Entertainment Center?
A: This depends on several factors, like the population in your area and how much business you can reasonably expect from surrounding cities. The cost of real estate and your start up budget are factors that should be taken into consideration. Family Fun Centers in smaller towns have facilities between 3,000 - 6,000 square feet, whereas, in larger cities facilities are between 7,000 - 12,000 square feet.

Q: How tall of a building do I need?
A: Buildings with 12 - 14 feet high ceilings are okay, 16 - 20 feet tall ceilings are preferred, and 20 feet and up are ideal. Ceilings shorter than 12 feet high are not recommended. Facilities with higher ceilings can accommodate bigger and more exciting inflatables that can attract more customer to your FEC location.

Q: What is a reasonable rent or lease amount for the facility?
A: Real Estate prices vary from state to state and percentage of revenues paying facility costs also varies. This factor should be addressed based on your financial capabilities.

Q: What are my biggest expenses?
A: Your rent/mortgage, insurance, electricity, employees, and advertising.

Q: Is this a profitable business?
A: Like any other business careful analysis is required to determine profitability. A Family Fun Center is relatively simple to run, does not require employees with a specialty in a certain field, and can usually be run with a part-time dedication. The ROI is very high and usually in a short period. You should consult a professional for detailed profit analysis.

Q: How should I select the right equipment?
A: Our knowledgeable sales team at Magic Jump will be happy to help you with this. Not only will we give you recommendations, we will also tell you the logic behind it so you may make an informed decision.

Q: Why should I buy from Magic Jump?
A: We have over a decade of inflatable manufacturing experience, hundreds of satisfied business customers across the country and we manufacture our products locally in USA. We will take the time and help you throughout your start-up process.

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