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Foam Axe

Foam Axe

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Need to stock up on your Foam Axes for your Inflatable Axe Throw Game? Order your Foam Axes from Magic Jump, Inc.

The inflatable Axe Throw Game is a game everyone will love— so why not have extra fun? Order your foam axes replacement when you need to stock up or switch out the ones you have.

Axes have wood-like printed graphics on the handle. Our foam axes contain the loop fastener around the edge of the axe. 

Select from red or blue colored Foam Axes. Order your replacement Foam Axes today from Magic Jump, inc.

*Price displayed is for (1) foam axe. 

Safety Warning: foam axes are not meant to be thrown at other participants. To avoid injuries use foam axes on the inflatable axe throw game only.

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1 Piece

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