How to clean and disinfect your inflatable bounce house

Rider safety is always important, which is why we always encourage you to clean and disinfect your inflatables after every use. Cleaning and disinfecting is an important step in maintaining the overall quality of your inflatable bounce house. Here are a few steps on how to clean and disinfect your inflatable bounce house

1) You will need the following tools; a shop vacuum, clean rags, cleaning solution, disinfectant, and a slide lubricant. Use whatever brand of cleaning solution and disinfectant you like, but be sure it is safe to use on inflatables. 

2) Roll out your inflatable and inflate. If the inflatable was wet, allow it to air dry so that there is no remaining water. You never want to store inflatable with water inside because it will create mold.

Tools you will need clean and disinfect your inflatable are a shop vacuum, clean rags, cleaning solution, disinfectant, and if needed a slide lubricant.

3) Start by vacuuming debris and dirt from the inside. Make sure to get all the corners of the inflatable where any debris might have fallen.

4) Next, use a cleaning solution, thoroughly clean the entire inflatable inside and out with the clean rags.

5) Now, use a disinfectant spray to sanitize the entire inflatable. Allow disinfectants to sit for some time. Read the product label for the correct concentration to use, application method, and contact time.

6) If your inflatable consists of a slide, use slide lubricant to keep the surface slippery. (Note, although the slide lubricant may help, slide linings will eventually need to be replaced)

7) Once the inflatable has completely dried, roll up and store.

After your inflatable is ready and clean to use for your next rental or use.

Check out some of our recommended cleaning solution products safe to use for commercial inflatables. The included products on the page are only suggestions for our customers.

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  1. All of our bounce house rentals and inflatable water slide rentals at Five Little Monkeys in Livonia, Michigan, are sanitized again on site using a safe dilution of a CDC-approved sanitizer called Arrow 150. Our party rental customers love it because they can be doubly sure that if anything was missed, it was hit with a no-rinse, no-wipe spray application in front of them. Covid or not, this is an important step we recommend between every rental! Good advice for all bounce house rental companies!

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