How to Properly use Hashtags to benefit your Business and Brand

Hashtags can be a very useful tool in benefiting your business and brand when it comes to social media.

Social media and your business should be best friends. Using your social media platforms as your very own PR Reps is the best thing to do for your business.

How to properly use hashtags to benefit your business.

It’s crucial to implement your brand onto your social media platforms, and hashtags are a great tool. First, get a good understanding of what your brand is. What do you want to convey through your social media platforms? What your ultimate goal is for your users? You want followers to remember your company, whether it be for your slogan, the types of photos post to promote your company, or even something as simple as your company logo— all these links back to your brand.

Hashtags are just another easy way for you to incorporate the brand into your posts. Companies who have utilized this and can be recognized without even saying their brand name are “#Justdoit” or “#Imlovinit.”

There are so many applications that can help you determine which hashtag works for you and which hashtag brings in followers. HashtagifyRitetag, and Influencer Marketing Hub are just a couple of online tools you can use to optimize your hashtags so that they benefit your post. Many people can be discouraged by hashtags because they don’t know how to use them. Utilizing online tools can put you in the right direction. 

Another important step in using hashtags is testing. Testing is a key component in figuring out which sequence of hashtags works best, as well as the number of hashtags that work for your social posts. 

Never lose sight of your brand when using hashtags. Your social medias are a representation of your company and or your product.

Things to keep in mind when using #Hashtags

  • There is a hashtag limit. You can use up to 30 hashtags in one post. (This is more than enough) Posting too many hashtags come across unauthentic and impersonal. 
  • Keep your hashtags short. If your hashtag is hard to read then it’s probably too long. Short and sweet is the best way to go (ex. #bouncehouse #fun #inflatable)
  • Be mindful of banned hashtags, if you used a hashtag that has been censored or banned by Instagram nothing will appear under that hashtag . 

Remember that practice makes perfect. It will take a couple of posts and testing to come up with a great formula that represents your business while maintaining authenticity. 

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