Inflatables go Airborne, Raising Safety Concerns with Bounce Houses


Recent incidents with inflatables in going airborne in New York have created a big concern for inflatable safety. Bounce houses are becoming popular at children’s events throughout the past decade, but regulations and safety concerns are slow to catch up with the public. Parents and rental operators need to be informed and follow industry safety rules for inflatable rides and games.

Sam Bagumyan of Magic Jump, Inc., talks about safety regulations and what is being done to increase awareness and safety for the industry. Magic Jump, Inc., a California-based manufacturer of inflatable rides, urges the public and its customers to take precautions and be careful in following all safety rules and manuals provided for operation.

Magic Jump also provides bounce house safety information on their companies’ website along with information for each inflatable ride.

Incidents like New York can be avoided with a little more attention to the safety rules and making sure to turn off all inflatable rides once winds pick up over the stated amount (usually 20 MPH).

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  1. Gazz says:

    Bouncy castle safety is very important. Operators should follow the correct guidelines in the use of the inflatable, use the correct anchoring method and observe weather conditions.
    Keep the fun safe.

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