Training Tuesday: Introduction to ASTM

Training Tuesday— an Introduction the ASTM.

What’s the deal with being a part of ASTM?

1) ASTM F24: Amusement Rides and Devices is made up of approximately 800 members who work together to make everything related to inflatables and the industry safe and all-inclusive.

2) ASTM designation F2374-19 is dedicated specifically to the design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of inflatables.

3) ASTM requires the manufacturer to provide a user’s manual to the owner (F2374-19: and it requires the owner or operator of the inflatable to be responsible for (F2374-19:7):

  • Training staff (F2374-19:7.8)
  • Inspecting the inflatable and documenting date, time, and relevant information (F2374-19:7.7)
  • Maintenance program (F2374-19:7.6)
  • Emergency response situation plan (F2374-19:10.3)

4) ASTM gives our customers 7-Days to notify us of any incident the results in an injury. (F2374-19:7.10.3)

5) ASTM F2374-19:6 requires that your manufacturer follow the quality, manufacture, and construction guidelines when designing and making the inflatable.

This is a huge field of information. We are always available to talk, answer questions, and continue dialogue on all things ASTM related.

We want you to know we value you and your business – not just for doing business with us, but for continuing to develop the industry.

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