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Inflatable Screen
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Magic Jump's custom made Inflatable Screen allows you to put on a show anywhere. This Inflatable Screen was made to stand tall for optimum viewing for even the largest party or event crowd. Its inflatable structure is black vinyl to suit any color theme and even blend into the night, leaving you with a bright visual of any projection. White screen is made from spandex fabric, the screen is 10' high x 16' long. It is a great way to enjoy any movie, video game or video projection. It is a wonderful addition to outdoor events and is a great way to enjoy movies and entertainment outdoors during warm summer nights. Use it privately at home, welcome the neighbors to your lawn or hold a community event for the public to enjoy, the Inflatable Screen is sure to attract attention and deliver fun everywhere.

Magic Jump's Movie Screen is made to last years of use. Contact Magic Jump for a price quote if you would like this Movie Screen in a specific size or color. Magic Jump is ready to assist you with your needs.

Item Information

Item Number 91532s
Weight 157 lbs.
Blowers Required 1 (1 hp)
Operators Required 1
Quantity Per Unit 1 Piece

Available Sizes

Size: L x W x H 19'x10'x15'

Product Features

NJ Approved   PA Approved   Made in the USA   Commercial Grade  

What's Included

Repair Kit   Owners Manual   Kodiak Blower 1hp   Warranty  

Report Licensed Knock-Offs

Have you come across counterfeit licensed inflatable knock-offs? Knock-offs are bad for your business and the entire amusement industry. Learn why and how you can report them.

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