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IPC Coliseum

IPC Coliseum
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Magic Jump has modified its Coliseum with even more material and workmanship for years of use at Indoor Play Centers. The IPC Coliseum is made with double-layered vinyl at high-stress points and is designed for durability to withstand the busiest play centers. Its colors can be customized to fit your indoor theme at no extra cost.

Magic Jump has created a truly unique, all-inclusive amusement attraction with its custom made IPC Coliseum. This product offers many amusements for participants to challenge each other with. It is a colossal structure measuring 33 feet long, 30 feet wide and 16 feet high. Its octagonal shape and columns authenticate the IPC Coliseum as a truly standout product, making it perfect for indoor play centers. The detailed workmanship of the IPC Coliseum is definitely a sight to behold.

The IPC Coliseum is made to satisfy almost any sporting desire with a variety of activities and games for gladiators big and small. The arena itself serves as a great sumo suit battleground and dodge ball arena. Surrounding the arena are four soccer nets, two basketball hoops and a volleyball net that is adjustable to multiple height settings. The Coliseum offers fun activities all around.

The IPC Coliseum is one of Magic Jump's feature products for indoor centers. It has grown in popularity over the years and always satisfied owners. It is a great centerpiece to build a successful, fun-filled play center around. The octagonal design allows spectators to enjoy the events of the IPC Coliseum from all around. It also has two entry and exit points at opposite ends of the structure. It provides for a great source of entertainment and hours of fun, physical activity. Customers will be looking forward to enjoying the IPC Coliseum over and over again.

Item Information

Item Number 10101i
Weight (lbs) 635
Blowers 2
Operators 1
Riders 10
Quantity Per Unit 1 Piece

Available Sizes

Size: L x W x H 33'x30'x16'

Product Features

Play   Bounce   Compete   Basketball Hoop   Basketball   Volleyball   Dodgeball   Soccer   Made in the USA   Commercial Grade  

What's Included

Repair Kit   Owners Manual   Kodiak Blower 1hp   Warranty  

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