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IPC Fun Combo X 2

IPC Fun Combo X 2
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The Fun Combo X2 is now suitable for indoor play center use as the IPC Fun Combo X2. It's high-stress surfaces have been double-layered with vinyl to ensure durability and additional removable cover linings make repair easier, more practical and affordable for high-wear areas. More materials means more work for us, but a better product for you and that is what Magic Jump is committed to providing with its product line. This IPC Fun Combo X2 is precisely that; and with a color scheme that is customizable to fit your theme, what more can you ask for?

The IPC Fun Combo X2 does as its name implies, it doubles the fun. This exciting product has two slides, two climbers and two basketball hoops to go along with its 15 foot wide bouncing area that leads to a climb and slide on either side of the structure. The slides are also guarded by high inflatable walls, a safety net above to prevent jumping and an inflatable bumper at the end of the slide.

At only 9.5 feet tall, the IPC Fun Combo X2 is the perfect inflatable for Family Entertainment Centers. Its compact size will not take up too much space, but the ride will definitely provide for tons of fun and entertainment. With two slides, the IPC Fun Comb X2 can accommodate more riders at a time. This is ideal for larger parties where participants get anxious about enjoying the ride while watching others have fun inside. More space also means more safety for children. Magic Jump ensures that its products are approved for safety under New Jersey and Pennsylvania state guidelines, and the IPC Fun Combo X2 is no exception. Made with quality vinyl, this product is guaranteed to last through years of service without fail. The IPC Fun Combo X2 is sure to satisfy buyers, so be sure to invest in one and join in on the fun.

Slide platform height: 7 feet.

Item Information

Item Number 15312p
Weight (lbs) 407
Blowers 2
Operators 1
Riders 7
Quantity Per Unit 1 Piece

Available Sizes

Size: L x W x H 25'x19'x9.5'

Product Features

Bounce   Basketball Hoop   Climb   Slide 1   Made in the USA   Commercial Grade  

What's Included

Repair Kit   Owners Manual   Kodiak Blower 1hp   Warranty  

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