Marvel Avengers 50 Obstacle Course Wet or Dry
Marvel Avengers 50 Obstacle Course Wet or Dry

Marvel Avengers 50 Obstacle Course Wet or Dry

MSRP $6,895


Length x Width x Height
  50' x 11' x 16'


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Inspired loosely by the iconic Battle of New York where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes assemble together against the Chitauri alien invaders is Magic Jump's official MARVEL AVENGERS 50' Obstacle Course Wet or Dry with Avengers Tower (formerly Stark Tower), their headquarters and main base of operations. 

This 50-foot long Avengers-themed Obstacle Course is two (2) pieces to make delivery and setup easier for our customers -- and it features a special non-slip material that Magic Jump uses for safe use with water. Piece #1 with entrance features a bounce & obstacle area, with small climber/slide and character obstacle pop-ups of various Marvel Avengers.  Piece #2 features tall climber/slide unit with a water misting system that sprays patrons as they slide down into the fun U- shaped splash zone.  Exterior includes printable areas with character graphics.

As new S.H.I.E.L.D.-sponsored superhero recruits under the Avengers Training Initiative, participants will enter the obstacle course challenge and race through inflatable obstacle pop-ups of their favorite Marvel superheroes:  Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Captain Marvel. Then, participants join the super squad by powering through the tall climb and escaping down the slide. Only after completing this obstacle course in record time will you know if you have what it takes to protect the world from superhuman threats.

Armor up -- and bring the thunder to -- your customers by featuring this officially licensed obstacle course in your rental inventory. It can be rented out in 6 ways: (1) 50’ obstacle course; (2) 50’ water obstacle course; (3) 25’ combo unit; (4) 25' obstacle course; (5) 25’ dual lane dry slide; (6) 25’ dual lane water slide. This is hero boot camp at its finest!

Made with premium materials by master craftsman, the MARVEL AVENGERS 50' Obstacle Course Wet or Dry is designed with fully licensed digital artwork. It is a marvel-ous attraction that is suitable for all occasions.

Slide platform height: 11 feet

Obstacle weight: 270 lbs.

Slide weight: 372 lbs.

Product Information

Item Number
642 lbs.
Blowers Required
2 (1.5 hp. ea.)
Operators Required
Max Patrons
Patron Height (min/max)
36" / 65"
Weight per Patron
175 lbs. ea.
Quantity Per Unit
2 Pieces

What's Included

Repair Kit   Spraying System   Owners Manual   Tarp 14x30   1.5 Year Warranty  

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