Obstacle Courses


Welcome to Magic Jump’s collection of obstacle course inflatables. Here, you will find a variety of obstacle courses to choose from for entertainment at any event. Obstacle courses are perfect at high traffic areas. Featuring inflatable obstacle courses have proven to be a crowd pleaser and a great way to attract a lot of people. Set up an obstacle course inflatable bouncer at any event and watch the competitive spirits rise and the entertainment take care of itself.

An inflatable obstacle course is a great feature for events that are team oriented and focus on building a competitive team spirit. Obstacle courses also facilitate improving interpersonal relationships among a church community, corporate office or even amongst family and friends in the neighborhood. At Magic Jump, we offer an obstacle course bouncer for almost any theme, and can even make custom inflatable obstacle courses to fit your design ideas. The durability of our obstacle courses ensures that you can enjoy repeated use over numerous years. A backyard obstacle course will attract attention like no other, so be sure to apply any of our obstacle course products to promote your events. If you want to keep things private, we have indoor inflatable obstacle courses that would be great for use in family fun centers or even in large indoor venues.

To find out more about our obstacle courses, please click through the images for more details on each obstacle course. You will find that Magic Jump has an obstacle course to fit your rental business, indoor play center, or personal backyard use. Make sure to check out our obstacle course inflatable prices to see which items are in stock and ready to ship, or view our obstacle course inflatable sale page to see which products we have currently discounted. Whether you want obstacle courses to entertain adults or children, you will find that Magic Jump has exactly what you are looking for.

Still not sure which Obstacle Course is right for you? Check out our Obstacle Course Comparison page for more information and a side-by-side comparison to see which obstacle course is the perfect one for you.

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