USA vs China Inflatable Comparison

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment that you have all been waiting for has finally come: China inflatables vs USA Inflatables. Who will be the bouncing winner of this year’s "Bouncing Champion of the World"

In the red corner, exhausted from delays and transit clearances, we have Inflatables from China!

In the blue corner, relaxed and arrived in a timely manner, we have Inflatables from the U.S.A.!

These inflatables are fighting for the wining title of "Trustworthy Inflatables of the World!"

So, Why buy U.S.A. made inflatables?

Round 1:

Round one is off to a start. China's Inflatables are looking strong as they stand with their heads held high, and their jumbo boxing gloves nicely polished.

China's Inflatables surprise the judges as they take the first swing, and punch USA Inflatables right in the gut with cheap prices. The USA Inflatables look to be out of breath. Is this a bad sign? China's Inflatables are looking strong. But, can they hold up a good fight?

Score - USA: 0 - China: 1


Round 2:

USA inflatables throw a left punch to China inflatables noting how designers in the U.S. spend endless hours being creative, and figuring out new ways to improve the inflatable industry. U.S. companies hire designers who do countless hours of research and development to discover innovative ways that will lead the industry to new levels.

China inflatables miss the upper jab by making knock off versions of inflatables they see. A knock out is impossible from China since they are notorious for copying designs from the U.S. Their right punch swing is also no match for the U.S. double jab just like the copyrighted and patented designs from the United States.

Punch right, jab left, punched smack in the columns!

Score - United States: 1 - China: 1


Round 3:

China starts this round by swinging left, jabbing right and totally missing, as they demonstrate how China sees a picture sent to them and copys it.

U.S. punches China right in the noggin, which shows the large size of the inflatable industry, marketed towards professionals who work with kids and are always finding new ways to bring fun into the lives of children.

China ducks the punch from the U.S. inflatables showing that the U.S. factories know the user-end of these customers. U.S. is not in the development of experimental stages of the inflatable industry. U.S. knows the industry, and knows the users of these products: kids who are looking to have a good time, safely.

Score—United States: 2 - China 1


Round 4:

China's inflatables seem to be falling apart by now, lets see how they hold up as round 4 starts up.

Right off the bat, China gets knocked out in the beginning of the round by admitting if their products fall apart, or are defective and unsafe, nobody can be held responsible.

U.S. takes all the points again by showing that manufacturers take accountability on their products. The customers always have someone to go to and hold accountable should a problem ever arise.

Because of this, U.S. companies have a better reason to put out superior products. Even when China tries to copy, they fail!.

Score - United States: 3 - China: 1


Round 5:

Round 5 is beginning with loss of communication. It seems like these inflatables are having many language barriers.

"We speak English" jabs the U.S. inflatables shouting with pride.

U.S. makes it a point to take care of each customer’s needs. We care about customer satisfaction and thrive to keep our customers bouncing back to us.

China does not care about customer loyalty. They simply care about that one sale and will not do anything to try and keep their customers happy.

Looks like China inflatables are slowly deflating as they hit the ground while being KNOCKED OUT!

Score - United States: 4 - China: 1

The winner is…. Inflatables made in The United States!

China Inflatables deflate in shame…and wish they were U.S. made.


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