Bubble Ball
Bubble Ball
Bubble Ball
Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball



Length x Width x Height
  9' x 9' x 9'


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Magic Jump has raised the level of fun with its Bubble Ball. It is almost inconceivable how much fun this product is. The Bubble Ball is truly something that must be experienced to understand its amusement value. Ever wondered what it is like to be a hamster in a ball? Well the Bubble Ball gives you the opportunity to find out. Its nine foot diameter allows just about anyone to jump in and have fun. It weighs only 116 pounds and inflates in no time. It is constructed from heavy duty 1mil PVC material.

The Bubble Ball is a very popular product that customers love to rent for a day of rolling around fun. It is a great product to enjoy on its own or combined with other Magic Jump products made especially for use with a Bubble Ball. The Rat Race is a track to race on while inside a Bubble Ball; the Roller Raceway is a two person fun inflatable race. It is not possible to have this much fun with any other amusement. The Bubble Ball is guaranteed to excite everyone and provide hours of entertainment.

Product Information

Item Number
116 lbs.
Blowers Required
1 (1 hp. ea.)
Operators Required
Max Patrons
Patron Height (min/max)
36" / 72"
Weight per Patron
180 lbs. ea.
Quantity Per Unit
1 Piece

What's Included

Repair Kit   Owners Manual   Inflator  

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