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Ninja Run
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In the spirit of wildly popular, televised obstacle-course competition shows like ABC's Wipeout and NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, Magic Jump is pleased to offer a classic wipeout-style inflatable obstacle course, the Ninja Run inflatable challenge. Participants simply step up to the challenge and prove their ninja-like agility and strength in this popular inflatable as they navigate from one huge, different-shaped inflatable obstacle to another, trying to stay on the red area without falling off. Participants can compete by seeing who can go through the series of 5 obstacles, reaching the end and sliding down to the finish line. When participants fall down, they are “safely” cushioned by a soft safety airbags along the floor. The Ninja Run Game is fun for ages 6 to adults and good for all types of events.

Item Information

Item Number 51358w
Weight 514 lbs.
Blowers Required 2 (1.5 hp)
Operators Required 1
Max Patrons 1
Patron Height (min/max) 40" / 72"
Weight per Patron 200 lbs. ea.
Quantity Per Unit 1 Piece

Available Sizes

Size: L x W x H 36'x15'x13'

Product Features

Play   Compete   Made in the USA   Commercial Grade  

What's Included

Tarp 16x20   Repair Kit   Owners Manual   Kodiak Blower 1.5hp   Kodiak ECO Blower 1hp   Warranty  

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