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28 Rockin Wave Slide

MSRP $9,295


Length x Width x Height
  68' x 17' x 28'


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NEW for 2018 is our 28' Rockin Wave Slide, the newest addition to our collection of wet or dry slides. This ride is made for maximum wet and wild fun during hot Summer months, and dry sliding fun during the colder months. This Rockin Wave Slide starts at a 19-foot tall double lane slide platform from which riders slide toward the pool at the end of this 68-foot long ride. The structure itself is 28 feet tall with Magic Jump's beautiful wave design with an ocean-blue vinyl streaked to give it a water design. The archway that riders pass under also adds to the ride's aesthetics. The climber/slide and the slide N splash portions are detachable, giving you the option to use this ride in multiple formats. You can use it as a 28' Rockin Wave Water Slide (combined), or as a 28' Rockin Wave Dry Slide (climber/slide only), or even use the Slide N Splash portion individually (long slide portion), a great investment! To ensure that riders enjoy this ride safely, Magic Jump has made it a front load slide for easy monitoring. The climbing area, top landing platform, and certain pool areas feature a unique non-slip material for a safer experience when being used as a water slide. The Rockin Wave Slide also features a safety net at the top of the slide platform to prevent riders from jumping and has high inflatable walls for safe sliding. It makes for a great way to stay cool and have fun safely during the warmer seasons.

The 28 Rockin Wave Slide can be used as a dry slide. All you have to do is detach the removable pool, secure the hook and loop fasteners, expose the hidden stopper at the end and you are ready to use as a 28 Rockin Wave Dry Slide. The 28 Rockin Wave  Dry Slide features a unique stopper that will assist riders to come to a safe stop.

Along with the exceptional entertainment and safety value that is inherent in Magic Jump rides comes the guarantee of durability, and the 28' Rockin Wave Slide is no exception. This ride is made with top-quality industry vinyl to ensure longevity and maximum enjoyment of the ride. The slide and pool linings are hot welded to prevent water from leaking into the structure. This will allow the ride to last through years of service. The 28' Rockin Wave Slide is sure to attract attention everywhere, making it a great feature at large outdoor events. It is a crowd favorite on warm summer days and is sure to satisfy even the biggest thrill seekers. The 28' Rockin Wave Slide makes for a great way to beat the heat and enjoy healthful physical activity in the sun. Be sure to have a Wave Slide to attract customers with, you will not regret it.

Product Specifications:
28 Rockin Wave dry slide dimensions: 36'L x 17'W x 28'H

28 Rockin Wave dry slide weight: 643 lbs.

Slide N Splash with landing weight: 163 lbs.

Slide platform height: 19 feet

Product Information

Item Number
806 lbs.
Blowers Required
2 (1.5 hp. ea.)
Operators Required
Max Patrons
Patron Height (min/max)
36" / 65"
Weight per Patron
200 lbs. ea.
Quantity Per Unit
2 Pieces

What's Included

Repair Kit   Spraying System   Owners Manual   Kodiak Blower 1.5hp   Tarp 14x30   Tarp 30x40   1.5 Year Warranty  

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