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How To Videos

Here at Magic Jump, our focus is on helping our customers get on the road to a successful business as quick and efficiently as possible. At MJ, we do our very best to pump out top quality products and we stick around to make sure you get the best use out of them!

Whether you're just starting out in the inflatable industry or not, handling and caring for inflatables might be overwhelming at first glance. This is where our How To Videos come in! Working alongside one of the best videographers around, we are currently in production of more videos aimed to simply your life!  Watch the following quick and easy videos to learn helpful tips and tricks that will come in handy as you start out your business.


How to Load Inflatables into your Pickup Truck

This quick video is meant to easily convey all the helpful information you need to load your pickup truck for easy deliveries!  


How to Properly Anchor your Inflatable

Learning to master how to properly anchor your inflatable is one of the most important things to learn before setup. Watch this quick and easy video to learn more about how to safely and properly anchor your inflatable upon setup!


 How to Setup your Commercial Inflatable

Whether you are new to the inflatable industry or not, this informative video will help you learn more. Watch this quick tutorial video to learn how to setup and install your commercial inflatable, fast and easy! 


 How to Roll up your Commercial Inflatable

Learning to properly roll up your commercial inflatable will save you much needed time, energy and space! It can be challenging to think about rolling up an inflatable, but after watching this quick and easy video, you will soon be a Pro! Stay tuned for more upcoming videos and make sure to subscribe!


 How to Clean your Inflatable Bounce House

Watch these easy steps to quickly learn how to master cleaning your commercial inflatable bounce house. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your commercial inflatable is very important for the longevity of your product. 


How to Patch a Damaged Inflatable 

Even though it is possible for your commercial inflatable bounce house to become damaged, there is no need to worry! Watch this super quick and easy video to learn how to properly patch and repair your damaged inflatable using a vinyl cement repair kit, without having to ship it out and pay for the repair. 


 How to Repair Damaged Stitching using a Sewing Awl Kit

Even though it is possible for your commercial inflatable bounce house to become damaged, there is no need to worry! Watch this super quick and easy video to learn how to properly repair damaged stitching on your commercial inflatable!


 How to Package your Inflatable for Shipping

It might get tricky when it comes to shipping out inflatables, this video will show you the super easy tricks to make packing and shipping inflatables a breeze! Click play to see how to pack your inflatable bounce house for shipping. 











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