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As your inflatable get usage, minor damages and tears may occur which will require repairs. If the damage to your inflatable is larger than 6 inches, we recommend having it repaired by a professional bounce house repair center. For smaller damages consider using one of the "Do-it-Yourself" inflatable repair kits listed below. Extra bounce house repair kits can also be purchased from our accessories page.

Below you will also find helpful list of Inflatable repair centers by state.

Smaller Do-it-Yourself Repair


MJ Repair Kit

Our Repair Kit provides a fast and easy solution for small cuts and punctures. Your order of a Magic Jump Repair Kit includes multi-colored vinyls and 8-ounce vinyl cement. Make sure to have this Repair Kit handy when accidents happen.

Sewing Awl Kit

The Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl, is a hand tool that can be used to sew and repair any heavy material such as vinyl.

Tear-Aid Repair Patch

Tear-Aid patches should be considered a temporary fix and should never be considered a safe permanent fix for tears or torn seams to an inflatable.

List of Inflatable Repair Centers

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Phone: (601) 665-7880


Kids Attractions
Phone: (800) 994-6097


Mi Fiesta Rentals
Phone: (479) 636-8080


Fiesta Jump
Phone: (510) 235-1899

Jumping Things
Phone: (916) 714-6323


Inflatable Repair and Supply Inc
Phone: (303) 995-4210


Inflatable Doctor (3 Monkeys Inflatables)
Phone: (717) 650-7657


Florida Bounce House Repair
Phone: (863) 297-5371

Miami Inflatable Repairs
Phone: (305) 971-8494

Orlando Bounce House Repair
Phone: (407) 924-9994

Professional Stitches
Phone: (850) 541-3189

South Florida Bounce and Slide
Phone: (561) 245-7100


Repair My Moonwalk
Phone: (770) 787-1869


American Vinyl Consultants (AVC)
Phone: (630) 484-3008

Phone: (877) 926-3749


Bounce Medic
Phone: (812) 490-7655


Extreme Entertainment Inflatables
Phone: (270) 519-3110

Inflatable Fix
Phone: (502) 398-3821

Kentucky Inflatable Repair
Phone: (859) 806-9244

Phone: (601) 665-7880

Funtastic Events
Phone: (214) 679-3356


Inflatable Doctor (3 Monkeys Inflatables)
Phone: (717) 650-7657


Sturdy Stitches
Phone: (734) 834-9645


MN Inflatable Repairs
Phone: (763) 392-3904

Phone: (601) 665-7880

New Jersey

Inflatable Doctor (3 Monkeys Inflatables)
Phone: (717) 650-7657

Stitches for Bounces
Phone: (732) 279-4336

New York

Inflatable Doctor (3 Monkeys Inflatables)
Phone: (717) 650-7657

North Carolina

Pierce Sewing Services
Phone: (910) 584-1118


Cold Air Repair by NEO Amusements
Phone: (330) 486-7145


Magdaleno Morales
Phone: (405) 816-1531

Extreme Inflatables
Phone: (866) 987-3630


Inflatable Doctor (3 Monkeys Inflatables)
Phone: (717) 650-7657

South Carolina

Happy Times Repair
Phone: (864) 877-6337

Phone: (601) 665-7880


Air Castles, LLC
Phone: (210) 347-1680

Funtastic Events
Phone: (214) 679-3356

Inflatable Giants
Phone: (972) 272-0879

Jump for Joy Frisco
Phone: (972) 731-8854

Mustang & Aries
Phone: (281) 590-6400

Texas Sumo
Phone: (214) 357-7077


The Inflatable Repair Specialist
Phone: (801) 282-8560


Inflatable Doctor (3 Monkeys Inflatables)
Phone: (717) 650-7657

Canada - Ontario

A.S.C. Textiles & Professional Sewing Service
Phone: (905) 926-5722

NOTICE:   Magic Jump Inc. does not support or sponsor any one inflatable repair company listed on this page. This information is provided solely for educational purposes and to provide information for Magic Jump Inc. website visitors. If you are a bouncer repair company and would like to be included in this list of inflatable repair centers, please contact us at 818.847.1313 or email us at

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