How Magic Jump makes their Inflatables:

Have you ever wondered how a Bounce House or Inflatable is made? 

Magic Jump Inc.'s craftsman sews an inflatable using a specialized sewing machine to create a Water Slide, Bounce House or Obstacle Course.
Magic Jump craftsman sewing an inflatable.

Magic Jump Inc. is the leading manufacturer of inflatable bounce houses and other fun, interactive inflatable products. But have you ever stopped to wonder how these giant, air-filled structures are made?

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating Magic Jump inflatables. 

Step 1: Design and Prototyping

The design phase is the first step in creating any new inflatable like a water slide, bounce house, or obstacle course. Magic Jump has a team of talented in-house designers who work closely with the sales team, clients, and some of the world’s most recognized brands to bring a concept to life. This might include creating unique shapes or adding special features such as water slides, obstacle courses, or any number of interactive elements. Safety is a top priority for Magic Jump and is always taken into consideration during every stage of the design process. Once a design is finalized, a mockup is created using 3D modeling software. This allows the designers to see exactly how the product will look and make any necessary adjustments before proceeding to the next phase.

Step 2: Cutting, Printing, and Sewing

Once the design is approved, it’s time to bring it to life. This is done by creating 2D patterns from the approved 3D model of the inflatable. The 2D patterns are then nested together and sent to an automated cutting table. The hundreds of patterns are cut out from large rolls of heavy-duty and high-quality commercial vinyl. The cut pieces are inspected by Magic Jump’s experienced craftsmen before printing custom graphics or logos using specialized printing equipment. The cut pieces are then sewn together using industrial sewing machines; this is a skilled process that requires attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship. The seams are double-stitched and reinforced with a layer of webbing to ensure that the inflatable is strong, durable, and safe. 

Step 3: Quality Control 

After the inflatable has been sewn together, it undergoes a thorough quality control inspection to ensure that it meets Magic Jump’s high standards for safety, durability, and fun. Any necessary repairs or adjustments are made at this stage. The inflatable is then inspected one final time before being packaged and shipped to the customer. 

And that’s how a Magic Jump inflatable is made! From design to prototype to finished product, it’s a process that requires a combination of creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail. It’s no wonder that Magic Jump’s products are so popular with kids and adults alike.

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Disney + Welcomes LOKI: New Marvel Series

Disney+ welcomes the newest Marvel Series Loki. The God of Mischief get’s his own show which will star Tom Hiddleston as he continues his role as Loki. Some other popular faces to look out for are Owen Wilson and Jaimie Alexander from the Thor movies.

Marvel fans have been pretty lucky this passed year with fresh new content— all this making the Marvel hype ever so real. Catch this new series on Disney + along with all the newest Marvel shows.

Since we are on the topic of Marvel, we think this is the best time to stock up on all your Marvel inflatables. Magic Jump, Inc. has all the amazing licensed Marvel Inflatables that you need this Summer. From Bounce Houses to incredible Obstacle Courses, we have just what you need for all those Marvel fans. Perfect for every event, big or small, our Marvel Licensed inflatables are the attraction you need.

The love for Marvel isn’t stopping any time soon, this Summer California will have the new Avengers Campus at California Adventures in Anaheim. It won’t stop there, get your Marvel Inflatables today only from Magic Jump, Inc.

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Q & A: Can I setup an inflatable bouncy castle by myself?

Can you setup an inflatable bouncy castle by yourself: yes you can.

You can easily setup bounce houses, smaller inflatables, and smaller slides by yourself. Typically it might take about 15-30 minutes to set up or take down a bounce house or a smaller inflatable.

Certainly experienced operators are also able to setup slightly heavier products themselves if they have the correct dolly or vehicle to help with transport.

However, it is advised for heavier units to have a second or possibly third person to help during the setup or the take-down process. Having a helper always makes the job faster. When setting up heavier inflatables that weigh several hundred pounds, it usually is necessary to have another person to help. 

Watch our Q & A Video: Can I setup an inflatable bouncy castle by myself?

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Marvel Does it Again: Falcon & Winter Soldier

Marvel does it again with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier miniseries. The first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is on Disney + today and Marvel fans are more excited then ever. This miniseries will show the team up of The Falcon and Winter Soldier.

It is evident this Marvel hype is not going any where with all of these miniseries— so are you ready?

Captain America’s right hand men team up in this miniseries after the long awaited “handing over” of the shield. Will you be watching?

Magic Jump LOVES Marvel Too

Now with all these new Marvel miniseries, we can’t help but get excited for what is to come from MCU.

We can’t help but show-off our amazing licensed Marvel Inflatables. From bounce houses to obstacle course check out our Avengers and Spider Man licensed inflatables.

This Marvel hype doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so are you ready for it? Check out all of our Licensed Inflatables here.

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WandaVision, feeding the Marvel Craze

Are ready for it? Marvel and Disney+ have released spinoff shows from the Marvel Avengers movies.

WandaVision, one of the newest Spinoff series from Marvel and Disney+, is feeding the Marvel craze for fans. The miniseries first aired in January and now the final episode is out! Fans get to see a deeper look into the lives of Wanda and Vision outside of the Avengers.

This show is just a taste of the many Marvel Shows and movie spinoffs Disney and Disney+ announced last year. Have you been keeping up with WandaVision?

Here at Magic Jump, inc. we are huge Marvel fans—obviously. We are so excited to see all these new avenues of shows that continues to feed the Marvel universe.

Currently we have a selection of Avengers inflatables in-stock and what better timing than now? Marvel continues to be a hot topic among fans, so are you ready?

Visit our website to check out our in-stock items and more.

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How to load Inflatables into your pickup truck

Follow these 9 easy steps on how you can load inflatables into your pickup truck with ease. Remember, if needed, always ask for assists when loading multiple inflatables or accessories onto your truck.

How to load inflatables into your pickup truck.
  1. Start by determining the order you will be dropping off the inflatables.
  2. Will first load the products you will be dropping off last.
  3. Depending on how heavy your inflatables are, you may need assistance of more people.
  4. You may use a milk crate or two blowers as a stool to help you.
  5. With a dolly or hand truck, wheeled the first inflatables on top of the blowers.
  6. Push the inflatable up and into the truck bed.
  7. Roll the inflatable to the end. Lift and push into the corner. By positioning your inflatables in a vertical direction, you will be able to fit more in the bed of your truck.
  8. Continue this step for the next inflatable. Depending on your truck’s bed size, you may be able to fit blowers, tables, and small accessories in between your inflatables.
  9. Once you have loaded all inflatables and accessories onto your truck, make sure to securely fasten all loose objects and accessories to prevent them from falling off during transportation.

Your truck is now ready to safely deliver your inflatables to your destination. 

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How to clean and disinfect your inflatable bounce house

Rider safety is always important, which is why we always encourage you to clean and disinfect your inflatables after every use. Cleaning and disinfecting is an important step in maintaining the overall quality of your inflatable bounce house. Here are a few steps on how to clean and disinfect your inflatable bounce house

1) You will need the following tools; a shop vacuum, clean rags, cleaning solution, disinfectant, and a slide lubricant. Use whatever brand of cleaning solution and disinfectant you like, but be sure it is safe to use on inflatables. 

2) Roll out your inflatable and inflate. If the inflatable was wet, allow it to air dry so that there is no remaining water. You never want to store inflatable with water inside because it will create mold.

Tools you will need clean and disinfect your inflatable are a shop vacuum, clean rags, cleaning solution, disinfectant, and if needed a slide lubricant.

3) Start by vacuuming debris and dirt from the inside. Make sure to get all the corners of the inflatable where any debris might have fallen.

4) Next, use a cleaning solution, thoroughly clean the entire inflatable inside and out with the clean rags.

5) Now, use a disinfectant spray to sanitize the entire inflatable. Allow disinfectants to sit for some time. Read the product label for the correct concentration to use, application method, and contact time.

6) If your inflatable consists of a slide, use slide lubricant to keep the surface slippery. (Note, although the slide lubricant may help, slide linings will eventually need to be replaced)

7) Once the inflatable has completely dried, roll up and store.

After your inflatable is ready and clean to use for your next rental or use.

Check out some of our recommended cleaning solution products safe to use for commercial inflatables. The included products on the page are only suggestions for our customers.

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How to Measure air Pressure of an Inflatable using a manometer

Safety is crucial with your commercial inflatable. It’s always a good idea to check your pressure. Follow these easy steps on how you can measure air pressure of an inflatable using a manometer or Magnehelic pressure.

1) You will need the following tools: a manometer or a Differential Pressure Gauge such as a Magnehelic pressure gauge. These devices will measure the static pressure in water gauge (wg). The static pressure reading for each inflatable will vary depending on several factors such as the size of the inflatable, the age of the inflatable, blowers, power source, and if you are using extension cords.

A Magnehelic pressure can help measure the air pressure of your inflatable.

2) Inflate your inflatable completely, and check that all zippers and drain vents underneath are tightly closed. Ensure you are using the correct size blower for the inflatable and your power source is sufficient for the blowers.

3) Unzip one of the deflation zippers just enough to insert the tube inside of the inflatable. Ensure the zipper and vinyl flap are as tightly closed as possible. You may use a manometer or a Magnehelic pressure gauge.

5) Document the reading in your maintenance log and compare it with the manufacturer’s recommendations for minimum static pressure.

6) You will also want to verify the CFM (cubic feet per minute) of the blower being used to ensure you are getting sufficient output. If the blowers CFM is correct but the static pressure reading is low there may be a problem with the stitching. Air is escaping from a flap or zipper, tear, hole, or stitching stretching over time and allowing more air to escape. Be sure to resolve the issue before operating the inflatable.

How to measure air pressure of an inflatable.

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How to setup and tear down a commercial inflatable water slide

Follow these easy steps on how you can setup and tear down your inflatable water slide with ease!


1) Set up your water slide in a location with sufficient space and where you will have access to water.

2) Use a ground sheet or tarp under the inflatable water slide to prevent any possible damages to the bottom and minimize dirt that can travel onto the inflatable.

How to setup and tear down a commercial inflatable water slide.

3) Determine where the entrance is and unroll the water slide. 

4) Ensure ALL water vents and zippers are tightly closed. Connect the blower to the inflation tube and make sure it’s secured tightly. Close all unused inflation tubes.

5) Anchor inflatable with stakes or sandbags.

6) Turn on the blower. Depending on the size of your water slide it can take anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes to fully inflate. 

7) If your water slide has a pool, fill it to the correct level. Next attach the garden hose to the spraying system and turn the spigot on to minimal water pressure.

Magic Jump’s How to video on how to easily setup and tear down a commercial grade inflatable water slide.

Tear down

1) Before turning off the power, make sure everyone has exited the Water Slide and is standing a safe distance away from the perimeter of the water slide.

2) Drain all remaining water from the inflatable and from the landing pool or splash zone.

3) Switch the blower off and remove the blower from the inflation tube. For tall water slides, direct the top portion to fall forward as it deflates.

4) Open all inflation tubes and deflation zippers. Open all water drain vents underneath.

5) Once deflated wipe off any large puddles of water with a clean rag. 

6) Remove all anchors.

7) You can walk on the inflatable and stomp out any trapped air. Once inflatable is flat, fold one side inward and make sure the inflation tubes do not get folded in. 

8) Starting from the opposite of the inflation tubes, walk on the folded side and continue to stomp out any trapped air. Repeat as necessary.

9) Now fold the opposite side all the way over and continue to stomp out any remaining air.

10) Place straps underneath the water slide near the inflation tubes. Now begin rolling inflatable toward the inflation tubes. For larger water slides one or more persons can roll as helpers continue to stomp air out of the inflatable.

11) Use the straps that were placed underneath to tie the rolled up water slide.

Don’t forget to check out our amazing water slides here.

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How to receive and unbox your commercial inflatable

You can easily receive and unbox your commercial inflatable with just a few easy steps.

A freight company will deliver your purchased inflatable by a large freight truck. It’s important to communicate before shipment if your delivery address is a residential area and if you will need a liftgate service to lower the package from the freight truck.

Check out these easy steps on how  to receive and unbox your commercial grade inflatable.
How to receive and unbox your new commercial grade inflatable.

If you have requested a liftgate service, the freight company will lower the package from the truck bed onto the ground. Before signing for your package, carefully inspect and make sure there is no shipping damage. If you notice any damage, let the freight company know by
documenting the damage on the delivery slip.

Next, unbox your package. Be very careful when using knives or blades, as they can cut into the package and damage your inflatable— it’s safer to use scissors.

Carefully remove all protective packaging and wrapping from the box. First, remove all accessory items that are in the box. Next, with the assistance of a second person, tilt the box to its side and safely remove the inflatable. Inspect serial number for your inflatable and the remaining items that were shipped against the packing slip that is enclosed.

If any items are missing or incorrect, please contact Magic Jump customer service for assistance.

Don’t forget to check out

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