Inflatable Carnival Games: The Evolution of Outdoor Amusement

Inflatable Carnival Games from Magic Jump

As providers of amusement for outdoor events, it’s essential to keep up with the pace of change in our industry. One such significant shift has been the rise of inflatable carnival games, a creative innovation that has breathed new life into traditional fairground attractions.

Since their introduction, carnival games have been a staple of outdoor events. They’ve provided a way for attendees to challenge themselves, have fun, and win prizes. Over the years, the designs and mechanics of these games have evolved, and the latest innovation in this field is the inflatable carnival game.

Inflatable carnival games bring several benefits to the table. Notably, they are lightweight and portable, making transportation and setup significantly more manageable than their traditional counterparts. The convenience extends to power management as well, with the capability to connect up to three games to a single blower. This efficiency not only saves power but also reduces the need for multiple power sources and complicated setups.

Four games that exemplify the innovative use of inflatables include Ring Toss, Dartboard, Axe Throw, and Baseball. Each of these games has been adapted to an inflatable format, retaining the fun and challenge of the original while adding the practical advantages of inflatables.

Inflatable carnival games are more than just a novelty. They represent a step forward in the practicality and convenience of outdoor entertainment. Furthermore, they offer a versatile solution for event organizers, being suitable for a wide range of outdoor events and adaptable to different spaces.

If you’re seeking to modernize your rental inventory, it’s worth exploring what inflatable carnival games have to offer. Magic Jump provides a comprehensive range of inflatable games that are worth checking out. These inflatables not only elevate the experience for event attendees but also provide a practical, convenient solution for the providers of outdoor amusement. The future of our industry is here, and it’s more lightweight, more portable, and easier to set up than ever before.

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Easily Set Up and Load Out Your Inflatable Water Slide!

17 Rockin Rapids Slide from Magic Jump Inc.

Set Up:

  1. Choose a location with ample space and water access for your inflatable water slide.
  2. Place a ground sheet or tarp beneath the slide to prevent damage and minimize dirt transfer.
  3. Identify the entrance and unroll the water slide.
  4. Securely close all water vents and zippers. Connect the blower to the inflation tube and ensure it’s tightly fastened. Close any unused inflation tubes.
  5. Secure the inflatable using stakes or sandbags.
  6. Switch on the blower. Inflation time may range from 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the size of your inflatable water slide.
  7. If the slide includes a pool, fill it to the appropriate level. Connect a garden hose to the spray system and turn on the water at a low pressure.

Pack Up:

  1. Ensure all users have exited the water slide and are at a safe distance before powering off the blower.
  2. Empty any remaining water from the inflatable and landing pool or splash zone.
  3. Turn off the blower and disconnect it from the inflation tube. For tall slides, guide the top section forward while it deflates.
  4. Open all inflation tubes, deflation zippers, and water drain vents.
  5. Wipe away any large water puddles with a clean rag once deflated.
  6. Remove all anchors.
  7. You may walk on the inflatable to expel trapped air. Ensure the inflation tubes are not folded in when folding one side of the slide inward.
  8. From the end opposite the inflation tubes, walk on the folded side to remove any remaining trapped air. Repeat as needed.
  9. Fold the other side completely over and continue to release trapped air.
  10. Position straps under the slide near the inflation tubes. Roll the inflatable toward the tubes, enlisting help if needed to stomp out air during the process.
  11. Secure the rolled-up inflatable water slide with the straps placed underneath.

Discover our fantastic selection of water slides here.

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From Cars to Bounce Houses: The Magic of Licensed Inflatables

Are you looking for that perfect addition to your rental fleet? Look no further than Magic Jump’s officially licensed inflatables, excitement, and fun in the highest quality inflatables available. Among our popular licensed inflatables, the Cars-themed bounce houses stand out as a must-have for children and families alike.

For over 25 years, Pixar has been capturing the hearts and imaginations of audiences around the world with its innovative storytelling and stunning animation. With Magic Jump’s officially licensed Cars inflatables, you can bring a piece of that magic to your clients. The Cars-themed bounce houses, in particular, are perfect for events catering to kids and families, combining the thrill of a bounce house with a universally beloved franchise.

Our Cars-themed bounce houses feature vibrant designs with detailed artwork showcasing the franchise’s most popular characters, like Lightning McQueen. As children bounce around, they will be immersed in the world of Radiator Springs, feeling like they’re part of the Cars story themselves.

One of the reasons these Cars-themed bounce houses are so popular at events is the wide-ranging appeal of the Cars franchise. Spanning three movies, short films, and a vast array of merchandise, Cars has captivated multiple generations, making it an ideal choice for any family-friendly event. Parents and older siblings will appreciate a nostalgic connection to the Cars universe while the younger children are at play.

Magic Jump is the official home of licensed inflatables because of the quality, detail, and safety of our inflatables. We are committed to providing top-notch, durable, and safe inflatables for all ages. By using officially licensed designs, we ensure that our bounce houses meet high-quality standards and maintain the integrity of beloved franchises like Cars.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own one of Magic Jump’s officially licensed Pixar inflatables, especially the Cars-themed bounce houses. Jump ahead of the competition and rev up your engines by adding a touch of Pixar magic to every bounce!

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Spring into Success with Magic Jump Bounce Houses

Spring Time with Magic Jump

As springtime approaches, the atmosphere buzzes with excitement. The warmer weather and longer days inspire people to venture outdoors and engage in a variety of entertaining activities, like bounce houses. This seasonal shift presents an excellent opportunity for inflatable rental businesses to flourish, catering to events ranging from birthday parties to community gatherings. The demand for inflatables peaks during this time, making it the optimal season to capitalize on your rental business.

The favorable weather conditions during spring not only allow for the effortless setup and enjoyment of inflatables but also create ample marketing opportunities. Vibrant colors, engaging themes, and captivating promotions can effectively draw in potential customers and drive business growth.

At Magic Jump Inc, we understand the importance of providing exceptional quality, safety, and reliability to our partners in the inflatable rental industry. Our products are crafted with premium materials and designed to endure the demands of rental use, ensuring the longevity and dependability of your investment.

Safety is paramount at Magic Jump Inc, and we are dedicated to meeting or surpassing industry standards. Our commitment extends to helping your business with endless resources and expert advice. Moreover, our extensive selection of inflatables and accessories enables you to cater to diverse customer needs and preferences, keeping your business competitive in the market.

Our exceptional customer service and support set us apart. The dedicated team at Magic Jump Inc will assist you at every stage of your partnership, from selecting the perfect inflatables for your rental business to providing ongoing resources and guidance. If you aspire to make a significant impact this spring, Magic Jump Inc is the ideal partner to help your inflatable rental business soar to new heights.

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