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Licensed Inflatables

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Official Licensed Inflatables - Shop Now

Magic Jump is the ONLY US based bounce house manfuacturer that is licensed to manufacture Disney inflatables, Star Wars inflatables, Marvel inflatables, and more from top studios. Magic Jump licensed inflatables are made using high quality vinyl and printing that is sure to last you years. Don't settle for a knock-off banner or imitation from China that puts you at risk of copyright infringement costing you tens of thousands of dollars. Buying licensed disney inflatables from Magic Jump puts you at ease knowing you are buying the Official Licensed Inflatables that is approved in the design and look by the studios themselves.

Magic Jump is the ONLY inflatable manufacturer for licensed inflatables for the following properties:

Top brands like Disney, Lucas Films, DC Comics, Universal and Warner Bros go to great lenghts to protect their brand, and want to ensure only official licensed inflatables are in the industry. If you see a knock-off or counterfeit licensed inflatables we urge you to report them directly to our Report Licensed Inflatables Knock-Off page. Knock-offs and counterfeits are not safe, harm the brand name and look, as well as being unfair and unethical.

Disney Inflatables

Disney if one of the most known brands in this world with a huge fanbase of toddlers to adults that love and follow the brand. Disney constantly supports its brand and characters through shows, movies, theme parks, toys, and merchandise that continue the story line of the characters and the brand. Magic Jump is proud to partner with Disney to provide the most popular and eye-catching Disney inflatables for the industry. We have mickey mouse bounce house, minnie mouse bounce house, frozen bounce house, toy story bounce house, disney princess bounce house, incredibles bounce house, as well as, the same brands in bounce house with slide versions, toddler inflatables, and water slides. With Disney constantly pushing new media to support it's brand and characters, it is a sure bet Disney Inflatables will provide a great return on your investment for your party rental business or family fun center. We constantly have in stock Disney Inflatables for Sale that you can take advantage of for great deals.

Star Wars Inflatables

Travel to a galaxy far, far away with our Star Wars inflatables. Star Wars has arguably the biggest and most devoted fanbase that dates back decades. The Star Wars storyline has continuously been transformed into movies, shows, and now even a Star Wars theme park at Disneyland. Magic Jump is proud to partner with Lucas Film to bring you the official Star Wars inflatables with unique experiences like our Millennium Falcon Bounce House, Star Wars obstacle course, and more! Buy our Millennium Falcon Bounce House and experience the thrill of exploring the huge Millennium Falcon experience at the convenience of your own location. Have a family fun center or party rental business, our Star Wars inflatables will surely set you apart from your competition and make you stand out.

With the rise of new hit shows on Disney Plus like the Mandalorian, Star Wars has transformed our love for this galacitc universe in new ways we never thought possible. This brings the rise of Baby Yoda inflatable experiences and Mandalorian inflatable bounce houses that allow you to experience this universe along with the characters. With Magic Jump, you can bring this one-of-a-kind experience to your home, or for your clients, with beautiful licensed and branded artwork.

Buy Direct from the ONLY licensed inflatables manufacturer, Magic Jump Inc. High quality commercial grade bounce houses and water slides made to last. Best Customer Service and In Stock Deals. Contact us for more information.

* Prices shown are cash price. An additional fee may be charged based on your method of payment. A 3% convenience fee will be added to all payments made by credit card or PayPal. This fee will be due at the time of payment and is non-refundable.


Report Licensed Knock-Offs

Have you come across counterfeit licensed inflatable knock-offs? Knock-offs are bad for your business and the entire amusement industry. Learn why and how you can report them.

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Take advantage of Magic Jump's wealth of resources and information to keep ahead of the curve in the inflatable industry. Below you'll find several invaluable links to keep your business running smoothly.



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