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Important Shipping Information

At Magic Jump, Inc., (MJI) we have secured agreements and discounts with several reputable shipping carriers. We, in turn, pass these shipping discounts on to you. You also have the option of arranging your own shipping. In either case, we at MJI have no control over the delivery of your shipment and the condition it may arrive in. We work diligently in ensuring your shipment is properly prepared and packaged for safe delivery. A third party, the shipping carrier, assumes responsibility once they pick-up your shipment from our factory.

If your shipment weighs less than 150 pounds (68 kilograms)   FedEx Ground

At Magic Jump, Inc. we employ the services of Small Package Carriers to transport shipments that weigh less than 150 pounds. Our carrier of choice in the USA is FedEx. FedExwill generally deliver your package to your doorstep and may require a signature upon receipt.

If your shipment weighs more than 150 pounds (68 kilograms)  
Magic Jump Freight Shipping Carriers

Since the majority of our products weigh over 150 pounds they require large trucks for transportation. We use the services of Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight carries to handle large shipments. LTL carriers handle shipments differently than Small Package Carriers. Below are delivery options that require additional charges by LTL carriers. Please notify us before shipping if any of these options are required.

Residential Delivery:

Since LTL carriers use large trucks to handle your shipment, they charge additional when they have to delivery to a residential address.

Lift Gate Service:

Upon delivery to your address, LTL freight carriers will not physically unload or lower your shipment from off their truck unless we have requested for them to provide lift gate service. This service requires a motorized platform at the back of the truck and LTL carriers charge an additional fee to provide this service.

Inside Delivery:

Inside delivery asks LTL carrier drivers to deliver your shipment from the truck to inside your building. This service requires an additional fee separate from lift gate services. As a suggestion, most clients are able to move their products inside on their own using a hand truck or dolly.

Limited Access Delivery:

Additional fees apply to shipments delivered to addresses with limited access: locations that have limited or no unloading facilities and/or are security enforced which may cause delays for the LTL carrier. A military base, camp, park, church, school, farm, ranch, carnival/fair and similar locations are examples of Limited Access Delivery addresses.

Arrival/Delivery Notification:

Additional fees apply to requests for LTL carriers to contact you to set up an arrival notification prior to delivery. If we have notified the LTL carrier that your address is a Residential Delivery, the LTL carrier will be calling you to schedule delivery.

Receiving your shipment

Upon receipt and before you sign for your shipment, please make sure that you thoroughly inspect your entire shipment. Inspect for missing items and/or damages to items and packaging. (tears, holes through boxes or shrink wrap) If you discover anything, point it out to the driver, photograph it, and clearly write it out on the paperwork that the driver has you sign. Contact us immediately afterwards so that we can be made aware and assist you in getting the problem resolved.



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