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Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) have become a popular business for entrepreneurs aiming to attract families, as well as organizations looking for safe and convenient indoor venues that can provide wholesome entertainment for kids. In recent years, a new format, the inflatable play center, has emerged as the latest entrant. With a clientele of more than 100 inflatable play centers out of the 700 in operation, Magic Jump has become an authority in the industry.

We Can Help

If you want to start a successful FEC business, Magic Jump can help. We provide entrepreneurs with high-quality inflatables that can be easily set up in a private facility for family entertainment. With years of experience and knowledge of inflatables under our belt, we can be your partner. Aside from providing the best bounce houses available, we also provide insightful information to help you secure the best location for your business and even assist in creating the most strategic floor plan for your FEC.

Our FEC Solution

Due to an increased demand for inflatables in FEC locations in 2007, Magic Jump developed its own line of Indoor Play Center (IPC) inflatables that are specially made for the high-traffic indoor use encountered in FEC locations. We adjusted the standards of these inflatables to be considerably more durable by significantly reinforcing them with a double-layered vinyl in the common areas of high wear and tear, which extends the life of an inflatable to almost twice its lifespan.

After extensive product and usage testing, Magic Jump is taking another innovative step to further extend the lifespan of its inflatables for FECs. In 2017, Magic Jump is introducing an all-new, proprietary "super premium" fabric for indoor FECs called DuraBounce. DuraBounce fabric is formulated and manufactured in Canada. With the new "super premium" DuraBounce fabric, Magic Jump's FEC inflatables will have an even higher level of durability and longevity than any other commercial inflatable.

All of Magic Jump's IPC inflatables will have the same reinforcements and double-layered vinyl in the areas of increased wear and tear, but now they can also be ordered with the addition of our all-new "super premium" DuraBounce fabric. Without DuraBounce fabric, Magic Jump's IPC inflatables have almost twice the lifespan of standard commercial inflatables. With DuraBounce fabric, Family Entertainment Centers can continue leveraging their inflatable assets for a product lifespan that's potentially triple, even quadruple, the lifespan of a standard commercial inflatable manufactured by our competitors. This means: Longer Life = More Lifetime Revenue = Better ROI!


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