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US Safety & Regulation Agencies Hard Hat

Inflatable Safety Regulation Agencies by State

In the United States, each state has different inflatable amusement safety regulators and departments that monitor safety. Some states have very little laws in place and some states are very strict. In the drop down menu below you can select a state to view the contact details and information that pertains to your state. We strongly recommend you contact the state department to find out the latest laws and regulations.

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Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety and Health

Contact:   Nancy Medeiros, Regional Manager (nmedeiros@dir.ca.gov)

Offices:   2424 Arden Way, Suite 340, Sacramento, CA 95825

Phone:   (916) 263-3511

Statute:   California Labor Code - Portable Amusement Rides - Part 8 and Permanent Amusement Rides - Part 8.1 Part 3 Chapter 4 - Arail Passenger Tramways; Revised Labor Code Sections 7900 through 7919

Website:   http://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/AROffices.htm

Info:   CA does not inspect inflatables, go-carts, climbing walls, and/or fun houses.

Additional Amusement Industry Links

ASTM International - American Safety for Testing and Materials is one of the world's largest international standards developing organizations.

F2374-17: Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Operation, and Maintenance of Inflatable Amusement Devices

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - Governmental agency charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks associated with portable (traveling carnival) amusement rides, inflatables, go-karts, climbing walls, and other amusement devices.

Directory of State Amusement Ride Safety Officials (May 2015)

IAAPA International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions - Largest international trade association for the attractions industry.

American Rental Association - International trade association for owners of equipment rental businesses and the manufacturers of party/event rental equipment.

ARA Summary of Inflatable Regulations and the Agencies Responsible for their Enforcement

Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization - Certification and safety training organization for infltable operators.

Moonwalk Forum - The biggest resource on the internet for inflatables and party rental companies.

CIPA Child Injury Prevention Alliance - Leading organization that provides leadership in injury prevention initiatives and advocacy.

Inflatable Bouncer Safety Fact Sheet

Saferparks - A non-profit public service organization founded in 2000 to help prevent amusement ride accidents through research, information sharing, and effective public safety policy. It is not affiliated with any of the businesses listed on this site.

U.S. Federal and State Amusement Ride Regulations

World Waterpark Association - An international non-profit member-based trade association that serves waterparks, aquatic venues and spray parks. The WWA is focused on providing its 1200 members with the education and networking that they need to operate safely and effectively.

Amusement Industry Manufacturers Association - AIMS International is a trade group representing ride manufacturers. They put on a safety seminar each January.

Outdoor Amusement Business Association - The Outdoor Amusement Business Association is a trade group representing traveling carnivals.

Council for Amusement and Recreational Equipment Safety - A voluntary coalition of regulatory agencies from the United States, Canada, and several other countries, working to share best information and practices between member agencies.

National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials - A non-profit organization that provides safety education and resources for amusement industry professionals, and administers a certification program for amusement device inspectors.

Technical Standards & Safety Authority - Organization that delivers public safety services on behalf of the government of Ontario, Canada. Their website contains links to reports, lessons learned, and other technical data related to amusement ride safety.

Canadian Standards Association - This organization works with Canadian provinces and the ASTM International to develop a harmonized standard for amusement rides that uses ASTM F-24 documents in combination with local requirements.

NOTICE:   Magic Jump Inc. does not support or sponsor any one organization listed on this page. This information is provided solely for educational purposes and to provide information for Magic Jump Inc. website visitors. To update any of the information on this page, please contact us at 818.847.1313 or email us at info@magicjump.com.

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