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Commercial Inflatable Slides For Sale By Magic Jump™

Magic Jumps inflatable slides bring the fun of the Playground Slide to anywhere your special event might be. Experience the thrill of watching kids screaming with joy and free falling through space, again and again! Such a crowd pleaser, the inflatable water slide needs to be part of any Commercial Inflatable Rental Business.

Super Easy to Set Up, Heavy Duty & Safe, with our Special Non-Slippery Material, bring the thrill of a Water Slide Park directly to your event. Whether it is a single- or double-lane slide, our wet or dry slides are always a big hit at any event.

Great to Pair with:

  • Inflatable Pools
  • Inflatable Games
  • Climbing Walls
  • Swimming Pools
  • Basketball Hoops
  • Tube Slides
  • Splash pools and much more!

Bigger, Better & Safer Commercial Giant Blow Up Slides

Over the years, Magic Jump has explored advancements in inflatable structure technologies that have allowed for bigger, better, more extreme and thrilling inflatable slides without having to sacrifice safety. Our more compact rides are perfect to feature as a backyard slide for private use. Backyard slides are fun for your family, friends, neighbors and relatives to enjoy. With inflatable slides ranging from 15 feet to 24 feet in height, there is a slide for everyone to enjoy. Our Fire Truck Inflatable Slide even includes a bouncing area to help entertain larger crowds and are perfect for themed events.

To customize or add features to your slide, make sure to take a look at the inflatable accessories we have to offer.

You can even view our inflatable price list for more information on which slides we have in stock and ready to ship. We also have a variety of business packages that include slides with a number of other inflatable bounce features. If you have any questions or a request for a custom slide, feel free to contact Magic Jump representatives for more information. We are here to help!

* Prices shown are cash price. An additional fee may be charged based on your method of payment. A 3% convenience fee will be added to all payments made by credit card or PayPal. This fee will be due at the time of payment and is non-refundable.


Report Licensed Knock-Offs

Have you come across counterfeit licensed inflatable knock-offs? Knock-offs are bad for your business and the entire amusement industry. Learn why and how you can report them.

Your Resources

Take advantage of Magic Jump's wealth of resources and information to keep ahead of the curve in the inflatable industry. Below you'll find several invaluable links to keep your business running smoothly.



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