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Inflatable Obstacle Course - Shop Now

Inflatable Obstacle Course for Sale

An inflatable obstacle course is a great inflatable attraction for large events with high traffic, big crowds, and riders of all ages from kids to adults. An Obstacle Course is also great for corporate team building events, competitive school events, carnivals, fundraisers, church events, and city public events. Compared to a commercial bounce house, which has a set amount of riders only allowed at a time inside, an obstacle course can have many riders go through during the same duration. Obstacle course races are pretty common and in high demand for bigger events or high traffic events for this reason, typically these type of events need a lot of guests to go through the inflatable in a shorter duration of time. An inflatable obstacle course is also a safer alternative because riders will experience less collission with one another. Magic Jump offers many types and sizes of an inflatable obstacle course to choose from, including:

We have many options of inflatable obstacle course for sale that you can choose from at discounted rates, and in stock, to add to your inventory. Need a custom made inflatable obstacle course to fit inside your family fun center? Gives us a call to see which one of our indoor obstacle course options would work best for your location.

Commercial Obstacle Course

A commercial obstacle course is a great way to super-charge your party rental business or family fun center. Commercial obstacle course inflatables have many features that make it ideal for large events or high traffic locations. Some features of a commercial obstacle course include push-throughs, crawl-throughs, pop-ups, tire runs, climbers, slides, and even bouncing areas. There are even obstacle course bounce house options available now that combine the commercial bounce house with a inflatable obstacle course for double the fun. There are many options of kids obstacle course styles to choose from with shorter climbers and slides that are more appropriate for younger kids, and there are even obstacle course for adults for those competitive souls.

Some features of a commercial obstacle course that make it an attractive and profitable inflatable are:

  • Great for High Traffic Events and Big Crowds

  • Great for Corporate Events and Church Events

  • Long Durability & High Margin $$$ Rental Value
  • Friendly Competition and All Day Entertainment

  • Less Chance of Injuries from Collission

For the reasons above, commercial obstacle course inflatables are great use in a family fun center or even in large indoor venues.

Check out our obstacle course inflatable prices to see which items are in stock and ready to ship. Whether you want obstacle courses to entertain adults or children, you will find that Magic Jump has exactly what you are looking for.

Still not sure which Obstacle Course is right for you? Check out our Obstacle Course Comparison page for more information and a side-by-side comparison to see which obstacle course is the perfect one for you.

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Have you come across counterfeit licensed inflatable knock-offs? Knock-offs are bad for your business and the entire amusement industry. Learn why and how you can report them.

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