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Magic Jump A Rich History Of Building Quality Products & Innovation

Magic Jump Inflatables: Trusted Party Companion, Proudly American

Magic Jump, Inc. is one of the leading inflatable manufacturing companies in the world and is trusted by entrepreneurs and consumers to deliver only the most reliable and superior inflatable products for their businesses and special events. We manufacture the best inflatable amusement rides, bounce houses and a variety of interactive inflatable products designed for all ages.

We Help Entrepreneurs

Magic Jump helps entrepreneurs launch their own businesses by providing premium inflatable products for their party rental and family entertainment center ventures. We help businesses by sharing a wealth of more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in the industry to help them become successful.

How We Started and Grew Magic Jump

In the early 1990's, two innovative entrepreneurs had a vision. Andy Bagumyan and Tony Bagdasaryan, co-owners of Magic Jump, Inc., a party rental business in California, wanted to improve the party rental industry in Los Angeles County by starting an ambitious business venture. Back when inflatable bouncers were still an emerging trend, party rental businesses in the area could not keep up with the high costs of inflatables. Andy and Tony took the opportunity to help other party rental businesses bear the high costs of inflatables by becoming manufacturers of premium, affordable inflatables. Because quality was important to them, they only produced top-quality inflatables. In 1995, they began the production of magic jumpers. Over the years, they continued to introduce a wide variety of unique inflatable designs.

In no time, hard work, commitment to quality and dedication paid off. Magic Jump grew to become a trusted and preferred name in party inflatables, supplying customers located not just in California, but in locations all over the world.

Who We Are Today

We have continued our tradition of providing quality, affordability and excellent service to our customers and plan to remain a trusted name in manufacturing only top-of-the-line inflatables. We strive to improve our products and services by continuously innovating our manufacturing techniques in the industry that sets us apart from our competitors. Currently, we own patents and have numerous pending patent applications. As we continue to grow as a company, be assured that Magic Jump will always be your trusted partner for your business and special events.  Starting in 2018, Magic Jump is the new "Home of Licensed Inflatables" with Official Licensed Bounce Houses based on the top entertainment properties in pop culture.



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