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Safety is never an obstacle.

In the course of designing our rides, safety is the first obstacle we clear. Our rides are all manufactured with high inflatable walls to protect riders and prevent any risk of falling out. While competitors may skip on this feature or simply design rides with walls that are not high enough for optimum protection, we take every step necessary to maximize safety.

Stay cool. Stay safe.

Our slide areas are designed with mesh covers to keep the slides cool during use under the sun and prevent burns on heated surfaces, especially during the summer. Even more importantly, slide covers prevent riders from jumping off the top of high slide platforms. Most inflatable rides come with removable covers that may be replaced once worn out.

Safety begins at the doorstep of every ride.

It is very important for us to educate customers on how to properly use and enjoy our products. We make sure the first thing a customer sees upon entering a ride are the safety rules. This is to help deter and prevent misuse or abuse and the risk of injury. All of our rides have a neatly designed safety rules chart attached near the entrance of the ride. This gives riders a heads up on how to be safe while enjoying the ride. Always take your first step towards safety. We do!

Put a lid on toxins.

Although lead is a natural stabiliser that is used in PVC manufacturing, a material used in vinyl production, it is not an issue to be ignored or undermined. While most companies may ignore the issue entirely or adopt a "dodge-the-bullet" approach to addressing the issue, we have no concerns in disclosing the details. The lead in the vinyl we use in production is present in less than 100-parts-per-million, which meets the standards for consumer product safety set forth under the CPSIA by the CPSC. We also ensure that harmful phthalates banned in the US are not present in its raw material. Aside from documentation from suppliers that guarantee these conditions, we have also conducted our own lab tests to ensure the safety of the materials we use.

A helping hand.

At Magic Jump, we have prepared an educational owner's manual for our products to benefit you. You will not find a more detailed manual in the inflatable industry. Each ride comes with its own manual, with custom step-by-step instructions on how to properly set up, operate and take down the ride. The manual also informs you on how to clean and maintain your rides and educates you on issues such as setup locations, blower compatability and use, emergency actions and much more. Don't get lost with a product that leaves you guessing.

Quality & Credibility

No cutting corners.

Here at Magic Jump, we are constantly striving for quality. Many manufacturers, whether US based or overseas, use sewing methods that accelerate production but expose seams in the end. While this reduces their production costs, it exposes you to future maintenance. We don't cut corners when it comes to sewing. We strive to assemble all our patterns by using a blind stitch technique. This means our patterns are sewn together and turned inside out leaving the stitching hidden. This requires much forethought and planning but the end result is a quality inflatable with nearly invisible seams.


In it for the long run.

Magic is present in all aspects of our rides. Although they are not visible, a second layer of vinyl is glued underneath high-stress areas in every ride we manufacture. This feature improves the strength and durability of the ride. Our progressive workmanship has also helped us master unique sewing techniques that reinforce our products even more, increasing longevity. Our products are all made to last.


Quality goes a long way.

We search high and low to find the highest quality raw materials and goods to put into our products. We don't need to cut corners to bring you the best products with the best deals. Unlike most factories that manufacture overseas and rely on low-cost, low-quality goods to deliver affordable products, we operate fully in the United States with the best materials available. Our efforts are all made to ensure quality products that last through the years.

Based in the USA.

It is no secret that when something is home-made, it is usually better than what you get elsewhere. Our inflatables are 100% made in our own factories. This means that every aspect of production is carried out where you can trust standards and quality to be high. On top of this, by buying Magic Jump products you are contributing to the US economy. Trust in us to deliver on all aspects of production.

Straightforward sales.

We do not believe in bait-and-switch tactics or any other gimmicky measures to generate sales of our products. We pride on being straightforward about what we have to offer and always willing to meet your needs. Our website displays our products' prices and availability in real time, meaning the prices wont change once you get in talks with us and that products are on-site when listed as in stock. Other companies tend to show one price and pitch another while holding products in overseas factories or in transit. We like to avoid the confusion and give it to you straight.

Setting the bar high.

Since the inflatable amusements industry is relatively new, not many laws and regulations exist to govern manufacturing operations. However, we do seek out the industry-related governing bodies that do exist to ensure that we meet regulated standards in production. All of our inflatables comply with ASTM International standards and adhere to safety measures set forth by the CPSC. With regards to state laws in the inflatables industry, New Jersey has pioneered strict, mandatory guidelines for manufacturers of inflatable games to follow. These laws set high standards for safety. Not many manufacturers meet these standards with the products they design; we aim to do so with our products. Look for the icon that shows most of our products as approved by New Jersey standards.


Built-in deflators.

Making life easier is everyone's goal, that is why we design our rides with these zipper slots sewn in. Unzip any ride and watch it deflate in no time. This designed-with-operators-in-mind feature is a life-saver that speeds up ride deflation and overall disassembly of rides. The heavy-duty industrial-grade zippers are covered with hook-and-loop sealed flaps for extra protection. This decreases air leakage and protects it from misuse and excessive wear. The zippers also provide for easy access to the inside of inflatables for easy cleaning and inspection for wear-and-tear.

Renew your ride like Magic!

Removable linings are a product-saving feature that some companies surprisingly ignore. Since slides and climbers are a high-traffic area of inflatable rides, they suffer from excessive abrasion through repeated use. This will cause the linings to wear out well before the entire product does. With a removeable lining, you can save time and money by easily replacing a worn out lining with a new one instead of having to repair the ride. Hook-and-loop attachments make this process very easy. Make sure your product's life is protected with removable slide linings.

Climbing up in quality.

After improvement considerations, we have designed unique climber grips. Our new design makes climbing much easier for riders. It incorporates a pocket-style climber with sewn loops for easy gripping. Many competitors' climbers are made with cheap foam or hard plastics that either fall apart or make inflatables difficult to roll up. Others use a rope to assist climbers, which is not a safe method of climbing. Our design is tested for ease and safety and has been proven successful in use. Make your climb easier with Magic Jump.

Better slides. Better thrills.

Do not be fooled by competitors' slides. Who wants a narrow passage to slide down feeling cramped? Our slides are spaciously designed for a long free-fall that actually feels "free". Unlike others, we also like to give riders a high platform to slide down from, and at a slope between 40-50 degrees, our slides extend your thrills like no other. You can enjoy these thrills without worry since every slide is made with safety in mind; no ride is too-tall and no slide is too-steep. Let Magic Jump show you the thrills; don't let others cramp your style.

Access Denied.

When it comes to the latest technology in manufacturing inflatables, you can trust that we are on top of it all. For example, while other companies may simply sew the lining of their water slides or use glue, we use hot-welding technology to seal the vinyl in all of our water rides. This method minimizes the amount of water that may seep into the inflatable, which in turn makes transport and operation of water rides much easier. Drivers wont have to deal with increased weight in these rides from water leaking into the inflatable throughout a day of soaking fun.

Bouncing higher.

We are always looking to send you bouncing higher for more fun. That is why our rides have a higher bouncing area than other rides. At about 30 inches high when inflated, riders have more air beneath them to bounce off. More air means more bounce, which means more fun. Most competitors design low bouncing areas to cut down on material costs. This also means that they don't have to bother with installing inflated entrance ramps, which may actually serve as a safety feature. You can trust us not to skimp on anything; we always look to deliver safety and of course more fun.

IPC Inflatables

We have designed our IPC rides with cover linings protecting high-wear areas. This allows you to easily replace a worn-out cover lining for cheap rather than have to do costly repairs the ride. Our sewing technique maximizes the strength and durability of the stitching of the vinyl while the webbing along the edges of our products support the ride to minimize the stress on the vinyl. Another reinforcement feature is our double-layered bounce areas, floors and other areas where the vinyl may be exposed to significant abrasion. These are all methods with which we ensure IPC rides are made to endure years of use. Since we manufacture entirely in the US, we are able to adopt philosophy where "we don't make it 'till you order it." This way we know to incorporate all the necessary features to make rides as durable as possible if ordered for an IPC. Competitors that sell products manufactured overseas cannot modify their features for durable use in IPCs. Be sure your product is made to last.



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