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Magic Inflatable Parks

Magic Inflatable Parks

Your primary source for quality inflatable parks and your partner to consult for expert advice.

Inflatable Park Design Examples


Your Inflatable Park is an open space for different types of inflatable entertainment; slides, obstacle courses, interactives, sports zones, toddler / kid zones, etc.



Introduce something new or different without having to worry about redesigning. Add, change, or remove to your inflatable park so that it's always on-trend.



Grow your inflatable park with no problem — higher demand, bigger crowds, add inflatable pieces to your already existing inflatable park.

Inflatable Park Design Examples


Easily switch or replace an inflatable piece with ease without worrying about losing a day of business.



Each inflatable piece is customizable to look and fit the way you want within your space.



Inflatable park maintenance doesn't require you to close off parts, simply change it out for another inflatable piece while it's being fixed, cleaned or updated.

Partnering with Magic Inflatable Parks means you are getting our unparalleled reputation for superior product quality.

Magic Inflatable Parks and Magic Jump, Inc. have set the standards for inflatable safety and spent time to thoughtfully design and engineer our inflatable attractions to make the most of your customer's memories and bring a greater return on your investment.

Magic Jump, Inc. has been an authority in the FEC inflatable industry since 1995 with a growing clientele base of more than 150 inflatable play centers in operation.

Magic Inflatable Parks creates an environment of interactive play that includes many varieties of inflatable slides, games, obstacle courses, and inflated transition walkways that utilize 85% or more of a commercial property's designated space. This playable space translates into less cost than the other play center options, and a turn-around time from the start of your design to the Grand Opening of your business.

Inflatable Park Design Examples

Magic Inflatable Parks has been at the forefront of safety and long-term design elements. Thoughtful research, engineering, and durable materials have provided a higher-quality product with every structure built.

Magic Inflatable Parks is the answer to bring families and communities together. The entire family can participate, play, and feel welcomed. This user experience is all-inclusive for all abilities: toddlers, children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents.

Our corporate policy is to be as transparent with our dealings and open with our communication within the development of your inflatable park. As a manufacturer, our warranty is our commitment to you. Magic Inflatable Parks is a true leader and we stand behind our products, services, and the investment of your time and money when creating an Inflatable Park.

By following the highest ethical standards we can serve our clients better and build lasting collaborations.

Inflatable Park Design Examples


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