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starting a rental business

If you want to invest in a new business venture, consider starting a rental business. It does not take much to start a rental business and the rewards are plenty. Consider the effects of delivering fun to parties and events for children and adults alike: smiles for miles, fun-filled activity, interactive games and complete customer satisfaction. A party rental business will allow you to bring these joys into people’s lives. At Magic Jump, we see this as a major reward, on top of the monetary gains that encourages many to start a party rental business.

The inflatables amusement industry has experienced rapid growth over the years as inflatable rentals for parties and events have become more and more popular in the last decade. It is commonplace to see an inflatable bouncer at a child’s party every weekend. This has led hundreds of entrepreneurs to start a party rental business. You, too, can cash in on the popularity once you start a rental business of your own to service your local community. So why wait? Start a party rental business right away and experience the rewards for yourself! You will be making children and adults happy in no time with your own party rental business.

At Magic Jump, we want to help entrepreneurs new to the party rental business succeed in their venture. When you decide to start a rental business with Magic Jump, not only will you be starting with the best quality products around, but we will also help guide you toward successful maintenance of your party rental business. Consider the facts and charts presented below:

Return On Investment (ROI) of Starting a Bounce House Business

starting a bounce house business

The hard work required once you start a rental business is honored with immediate rewards and the return on investment in a relatively short period of time. On average, inflatables are requested for rental 1.5 times per week. The chart above displays the details of three different party rentals business packages. It is safe to say that you will have a full return on your investment with Magic Jump to start a party rental business within one season. Your rental business will surely continue, if not grow, providing you with a steady stream of income for your efforts.

Example Rental Business

A party rental business with 3 inflatables (2 bounce houses and 1 bounce and slide) and 2 concession machines.

Startup Cost: 3 inflatables will be about $5,185 and the 2 concession machines about $1,300, totaling $6,485 to start your party rental business. That’s less than a price of a car!

Income: 2 bounce houses with 1.5 times average rental a week at $90 equals $270. 1 bounce and slide with 1.5 times average rental at $150 equals $225. 2 of the concession machines with 1.5 times average rental a week at $50 equals $150. Total gross income for the week equals $645. Deducting roughly $100 for expenses such as concession supplies, gas for delivery and pick-up and allowance for maintenance and depreciation will net you a total of about $545 for one week.

ROI: Return on investment of such a party rental business will take less than 3 months!

Saturdays and Sundays are generally the busiest rental days of the week for any party rental business. This ensures that you may earn extra money with the convenience of running a party rental business as a part-time weekend business while earning your full-time income during the week.

All in all, a starting a party rental business offers entrepreneurs with a great opportunity to step into and learn the benefits of servicing the entertainment industry. The demand for entertainment is always present, and the demand for inflatables entertainment keeps growing. Hard work, honesty and dedication to your party rental business will definitely pay off. Let Magic Jump help you get started!


Q: Is inflatable rentals a good business to start?
A: Inflatables are becoming increasingly popular for childrens parties. More and more people rent inflatable games, because it is an affordable and fun way of entertaining a big group of kids.

Q: How soon can I get my return on investment?
A: Average rentals in most U.S. cities are from $80-125 for basic bounce houses. With an average price of a bounce house at $2000, you may get your money back in just one season.

Q: How long does a inflatable last?
A: About five years depending on how well you maintain it. Waterslides and indoor inflatables have a shorter life.

Q: How many inflatables should I start out with?
A: This is a question that everyone has to answer for themselves. It all depends on your budget. People typically start out with 2 to 4 inflatables. We always have inflatables sale specials and deals that can help keep you within your budget.

Q: How much competition will I have to deal with?
A: To find out about competition, you will need to do a little research to find out how many companies exist in your surrounding area.

Q: Do I have to quit my job to start this renal business?
A: No. The Inflatable business is a weekend business. Most rentals are on Saturdays and Sundays, with occasional weekday requests.

Q: What about characters?
A: Cartoon characters with licensed items may be good if you are in an area with high rental rates. Please keep in mind that these characters are usually in demand for a SHORT period and you may be stuck with an unwanted bounce house after the hype for that character has died down. That is why Magic Jump recommends to purchase units that are timeless and don't fade out of style.

Q: What are the main costs of operating this business?
A: Advertising and Insurance are the main costs of operation. Magic Jump helps startup companies with free online advertising through a partner party planning directory, Party Jump USA to give your new rental business presence online and customers immediately. We also work with inflatable insurance companies to get you a good deal.

Q: How much space do I need for a few inflatables?
A: Most people are able to fit their inflatables in their garages or at a storage facility to begin with.

Q: Ok, I am ready to start, but which inflatables should I buy?
A: For your first inflatables you should buy unisex ones, which could be rented to both boy's and girl's parties.

Q: What if I find another inflatable manufacturer that has cheaper prices?
A: Research has shown that there are less expensive inflatables in the market, but remember you get what you pay for. Magic Jump has been family owned and operated since the beginning. We have been in the inflatable industry since 1995 and have a good understanding for making inflatables with high quality. We make a good product at a good price. You will not find an inflatable in the market today that compares in quality and price.

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