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  • Medium Duty Dolly
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    Our Medium duty 2 Wheel Dolly has a true weight capacity of 600 pounds. We offer this product standard with the angled design or the 90 degree straight up and down at no extra charge. This angled design helps in pulling the load back, makes it a lot easier to do with one person. The huge, 440lb rated tires on each side, really help when rolling your products on thick grass, bumpy surfaces, or hard to roll areas.

    If you are in the Party Rental business and rent tables and chairs than you will love this dolly. Pulling back a load of 50 stacking chairs, Concession Machines, load of boxes or a heavy inflatable has never been easier with the angled design. The load is so easy to break over with this dolly, you will love it!

    This dolly is perfect for any industry needing a super strong, light weight, wide dolly that will not break or need air in the tires each day. The MD2 features 2 different handle bars for better control and comfort. If you have a big load and need both hands on the dolly or need to pull it up a hill or ramp your covered. If you have a lighter load, something in your other hand or in a crampted area the Loop handle it there for you too. 

    This medium duty 2 Wheel Dolly features large thick lifting plates, heavy duty fenders and plenty of reinforcement in stress areas. The MD2 features 4 ply heavy duty tubeless tires with a 440 pound weight rating each, heavy duty steel wheels and bearings. Our medium duty dollies far exceed most manufactures strongest designs.


    Item Information

    Item Number 1122md
    Weight (lbs) 65
    Blowers 0
    Operators 0
    Riders 0
    Quantity 1

    Available Sizes

    Size: L x W x H

    Quantity Pricing

    Purchase 3 or More Inflatables Please Call

    Product Features

    Made in the USA   Commercial Grade  

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