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Bounce Houses


The bouncy castle started it all. One little inflatable bouncy house sparked an entire industry that keeps growing every day. A bounce house, also known as a moonwalk, moonbounce, bouncy house, bouncy castle, bounce house, bouncer, or jumper is an enclosed inflatable structure, usually cube-shaped, in which children or even adults may enjoy bounce around effects as they would on a trampoline. An inflatable bounce house has become a staple of almost every child’s birthday party. At least once in their life, someone has enjoyed bounce houses, whether at their own party or someone else’s. Bouncy houses are fun for everyone, there is no denying it. If you run any type of inflatable entertainment industry, whether a party rentals business or indoor play center, you certainly need a collection of bounce houses. Make sure to view our line of indoor bounce house products for use in FEC locations.

Magic Jump has a large selection of bounce houses available for purchase. You can find an inflatable bounce house in a variety of designs and themes, including a pirate bouncy castle. We offer the traditional bouncy castle in a number of gender specific themes suitable for boys and girls, and also feature a collection of generic bounce houses that are perfect for everyone, including the ever-popular castle bounce house. Our collection of bounce houses at Magic Jump is sure to satisfy any need; and if there is a specific color or theme that we do not have that you would like to see implemented in a bounce house for yourself, feel free to submit a request for a custom inflatable made just for you.

At Magic Jump, we look to satisfy our customers’ needs on every level. We make sure you get what you want and have everything you need to run a successful business with our bouncers and jumpers. We have jumpers for sale with a number of items at discounted prices to help beginning entrepreneurs start a rental business or help FEC startup companies get established. Taking advantage of our bounce house sales will prove to be a great deal of help in establishing a successful business. So be sure to contact us if you are in the market for a bounce house to buy or visit our bounce house price page to see what we currently have in stock and on sale. We are here to help!

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