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Amazing Water Slides and Slide N Slip For Your Kid's Party

Inflatable games are the latest fad used in every party for children as well as adults. A decade ago, these inflatables were available only in the form of 'bounce houses' in shapes of animals, fairies and cartoon characters where the kids could play, jump or hop. However, these inflatable structures have evolved with the passage of time. Now, they are also available in variations such as inflatable water slides and slide n slip varieties.

These Inflatable Slides are a source of fun for kids and adults alike. Available in amazing shapes, rich colors and multiple sizes, they are the part of all indoor party game nowadays. Magic Jump, a renowned company in the US manufactures quality inflatable slides that are completely safe for your kids. These inflatable water slides need very little maintenance. Let's look at some of the different types of slides available with the company:

  • Single Lane Slides - These slides are available in the classic single lanes which have been redesigned to offer the kids' a much more thrilling experience. At the same time, these slides are very safe and provide a lot of fun and frolic to all. They can accommodate as much as 60 rides per hour and are sufficient for a huge crowd as well.
  • Double Lane Slides - With two lanes in a single slide, these colorful inflatables provide double the excitement in one go. These dual lane slides can accommodate 120 rides per hour and are perfect for a large party.
  • Enclosed Bounce n Slide Combos - These cool enclosed slides provide simple climb and slide facility, and have a large bouncing area. With their enclosed slides, you can place them in the sun or rain and still let the kids have a lot of fun. They make great slides for kids over 3 years of age.
  • Fire Truck - Made in the shape of a fire truck, this huge 12 foot tall slide is the perfect one for your little ones to play firemen!
  • Giant Wave and Splash Slide - This water slide is 13 foot tall and provides kids with ample space to climb and then slide. It also has a detachable Slide N Splash to provide an enhanced joyride experience!

Apart from these varieties, Magic Jump has many more inflatable slides which you can buy for your kids. This one time investment will last for years together and give your child a fun filled experience that will last for a lifetime. Inflatable Water Slide And Slide N Slip comes with safety instructions which make them the safest items for your kids to play with. So, get one of these lightweight inflatable slides from www.magicjump.com and keep your kids busy for hours together.

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