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Family Entertainment Centers and Indoor Centers for Fun

Family Entertainment centers and Indoor centers have gained immense popularity in this decade. These are loved by young and old alike. Family entertainment and indoor centers are loved for variety of reasons. These centers provide entertainment, education and inculcate discipline among kids.

Magic jump Inflatables Inc, a reputed name in the amusement industry, offers you a variety of inflatable. Our products are known for time-tested durability, safety standards and affordability. Kids find affinity with our inflatable. You can rent them for your private and corporate parties.

Bounce houses: Bounce houses are integral part of Family entertainment centre and Indoor centers. These are known for versatile designs. Our products are known for fun and easy to use features.

Castles: Kids love to enjoy these bounce houses .You can choose from variety of castles such as arched castle, arched pink castle, medieval castle, ocean castle, princess castle.

Combo units: These suits everyone, as one can choose from variety of combo units. Often, clients love some thing specific. We have created special inflatable such as combo castles, medium horse combo. Our inflatable suit those who prefer more than small or large inflatable.

Prince combo castle: Every boy wants to feel like a prince. Our Prince Combo castle will make him feel like that.

Princess castle combo: Girls love our products as these make them feel like a real princess.

Slides: These are known for making you feel jubilant. Every body loves to enjoy these giant inflatables. Our slides adhere to high safety measures.

Single lane slide: It is known for its 40-degree slope. It is really a great experience. Our products are known for their safety measures.

Double lane slide: This double lane slide can accommodate 120 rides per hour.
Its 40-degree slope is a hit with the kids.

Safety measures:

Usage: Magic jump Inc, believes that family entertainment and indoor game centers need convenient products. Our inflatable is easy to enter and exit.

Safe guards: We take adequate safe guards to protect our clientele. We stick to high safety standards such as A.ST.M.

Quality: Our Made in USA lightweight inflatable are known for quality standards.
Magic Inc. keeps on reengineering its products.

Durability: Unlike others, we believe that a product should be known for its durability. Our inflatable can be used for a long time.

Insured: Magic Jump Inflatables, Inc. products are fully insured. Magic Inc pays attention to customer care.

Business opportunity: Magic Inc offers business opportunity to new entrepreneurs. We provide consultancy to start a new independent business. You can open family entertainment and indoor game centers.

Rental: Clients take inflatable on rent. Our products are affordable.

High returns: Our interactive inflatable are known for high returns. We are known for high level of quality, durability and safety, standards.

Usability: These products suit weekend parties. You can rent them, on weekend and special occasion.

What are you waiting for? Join our Family Entertainment Center & Indoor Centers. Contact us soon.

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