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Inflatable Pool Water Slide: Safety with Fun

Don't kids love playing in the water, when all their energies have dried up underneath the scorching summer sun! 10yrs ago most of these desires would have died an early death & the reason would have been the 2km walk between the nearest water park and their home. But not any more! With the all new range of inflatable play structures, kids use to have more fun now than they would have otherwise had. Additionally, they are now provided with safety features like never before. They are given a 4-layer tear protection in the high stress points. So, kids are now given a free hand. They can hop, skip & jump as much as they want to.

At www.magicjump.com, a long lasting relationship is focused upon. This is why all kind of technology is used in making this inflatable play structure absolutely risk-free. Our safety rules & instruction of how to setup and tear down the inflatable play structure are tailored on the material itself. So, no more hassles of rummaging through thick information booklets. The emergency entry and exit gates are also designed in such a manner that maximum safety is rendered to the child. The weave technique design of securing the pool to the water unit makes this equipment a very handy Inflatable Slide.

The Inflatable Pool Water Slide is getting so much attention solely because of its numerous varieties. While the crocodile & dolphin slides are for very small kids and contain only sliding features, the giant wave slide n splash, the infinity & tropical water slides provide a real treat for kids of all ages. The same is the case with the rainbow splash. All these are having climb & slide features. Then, there is also a double lane slide that allows two children to slide at a time, providing the additional Racing feature. But, unarguably the best is the water slide which provides the features of bounce, climb & slide.;

These Inflatable Play Structures are unique as without compromising with the fun factor, full security is given. In this way, the parents are happy and so are the kids. Further more, the variety being offered is also quite exhaustive. It has almost become a 'must have' for parties. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your own inflatable play structure and enjoy the unlimited services provided. Visit www.magicjump.com for more information.

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