Easily Set Up and Load Out Your Inflatable Water Slide!

17 Rockin Rapids Slide from Magic Jump Inc.

Set Up:

  1. Choose a location with ample space and water access for your inflatable water slide.
  2. Place a ground sheet or tarp beneath the slide to prevent damage and minimize dirt transfer.
  3. Identify the entrance and unroll the water slide.
  4. Securely close all water vents and zippers. Connect the blower to the inflation tube and ensure it’s tightly fastened. Close any unused inflation tubes.
  5. Secure the inflatable using stakes or sandbags.
  6. Switch on the blower. Inflation time may range from 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the size of your inflatable water slide.
  7. If the slide includes a pool, fill it to the appropriate level. Connect a garden hose to the spray system and turn on the water at a low pressure.

Pack Up:

  1. Ensure all users have exited the water slide and are at a safe distance before powering off the blower.
  2. Empty any remaining water from the inflatable and landing pool or splash zone.
  3. Turn off the blower and disconnect it from the inflation tube. For tall slides, guide the top section forward while it deflates.
  4. Open all inflation tubes, deflation zippers, and water drain vents.
  5. Wipe away any large water puddles with a clean rag once deflated.
  6. Remove all anchors.
  7. You may walk on the inflatable to expel trapped air. Ensure the inflation tubes are not folded in when folding one side of the slide inward.
  8. From the end opposite the inflation tubes, walk on the folded side to remove any remaining trapped air. Repeat as needed.
  9. Fold the other side completely over and continue to release trapped air.
  10. Position straps under the slide near the inflation tubes. Roll the inflatable toward the tubes, enlisting help if needed to stomp out air during the process.
  11. Secure the rolled-up inflatable water slide with the straps placed underneath.

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