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22 Rockin Rapids Slide

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22 Rockin Rapids Slide
22 Rockin Rapids Slide
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22 Rockin Rapids Slide

Introducing the NEW 22' Rockin Rapids Water Slide for 2022. The 22FT Rock Rapids Wet or Dry Slide is part of our 22 Water slide series. This amazing design features not only an epic slide but a slide n splash attachment for extra fun! The red and blue colored vinyl make this slide a complete statement piece at any event. 

Use the slide wet or dry with no hassle— when using the Wave Slide as a water slide attach a standard garden hose to the provided water mister system and have fun! The slide n splash attachment is secured with a hook and loop fastener. Operators never have to worry about readjusting or removing the misting system. Transform the water slide into a dry slide by removing the slide n splash attachment. Expose the stoppers, which are located underneath the slide lining. The stoppers will help riders come to a safe stop.

There is non-slip material throughout the climber, top landing, and on areas of the pool. We prioritize safety which is why we use special non-slip material for our wet units. The 22' Rockin Rapids Slide features drain flaps at the bottom corners to allow water that may get trapped inside the inflatable.

Order the NEW 22' Rockin Rapids Slide today!

Product Specifications:

22' Rockin Rapids dry slide dimensions: 30'L x 15'W x 22'H

22' Rockin Rapids dry slide weight: 440 lbs.

Slide N Splash with pool weight: 140 lbs.

Slide platform height: 13 feet

Your purchase includes

Kodiak Blower 1.5hp

Kodiak Blower 1.5hp   (Qty 1)

Kodiak 1.5HP blower included to inflate inflatable.

Kodiak Blower 1hp

Kodiak Blower 1hp   (Qty 1)

Kodiak 1HP blower included to inflate inflatable.

Tarp 14x30

Tarp 14x30   (Qty 2)

Used for protecting inflatable while setup on different hard surfaces. Our quality tarp is made out of 5 mil thickness for extra durability.

Spraying System

Spraying System   (Qty 2)

Spraying system attaches to the inflatable and then attaches to a standard garden hose.

Repair Kit

Repair Kit   (Qty 1)

Provides a fast and easy solution for small cuts and punctures. Includes multi-colored vinyls and 4-ounce vinyl cement.

Owners Manual

Owners Manual   (Qty 1)

Step-by-step setup guide and safety rules.

1.5 Year Warranty

1.5 Year Warranty

Magic Jump prides itself with industry leading warranty and support. This product includes a 1.5 Year Warranty. For more information please review our: Terms & Agreements.


Item Number
50' x 15' x 22'
580 lbs.
Blowers Required
2 (1.5 hp. ea.)
Operators Required
Max Patrons
Patron Height (min/max)
36" / 65"
Weight per Patron
200 lbs. ea.
Quantity Per Unit
2 Pieces

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