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Inflatable Buying Tips

Are you looking to purchase an inflatable, but not sure what the differences are between the inflatables manufactured by different companies? This inflatable buying tips, or moonwalk buying guide, will help you realize some of the main differences between inflatables manufactured by different companies. Manufacturing companies use different names and different ways to sell you inflatables, so we at Magic Jump Inc, througho ur honest and truthful sales processes would like to share some information to help make your decision making easier when comparing inflatable moonwalks. The list below will touch on some of the main things you want to consider and judge when comparing inflatables manufactured by different companies.

Things to Know:

inflatable product weight

All of us want lighter products that won't break our backs. This is why some companies misrepresent the weight of the product in an effort to make their products seem lighter. Make sure to weigh all your inflatables to make sure they were as represented.


inflatable product height

Heights of products are misrepresented to make slides and obstacle seem taller than they are. Make sure to ask what the height of the Slide Platform is, this is the real height of the slide, not how tall designs on the top are. Some companies will put tall palm trees or extravagent designs on the top of slides or obstacles to make their product height seem taller than what the platform height is.


inflatable warranty

One thing some new companies will do is give a longer warranty to make the sale more appealing, but ask youself how good is a warranty if the company is no longer in business. Make sure the company has a steady history of financial security, otherwise warranty claims aren't worth a penny.


inflatable slide landing area

To decrease costs, one thing manufacturers will do is create a short slide stoppage area, this reduces material costs and makes the slide shorter more condensed. However, this is not safe at all for riders. Riders must be given an adequent and abudant stoppage area to slide smoothly and come to a stop. Imagine slidding at full speed and having to hit a wall to stop every single time, not very safe, we agree. That is why we urge you to check to make sure there is adequate sliding area for riders to come to a smooth and safe stop.


residential or commercial inflatables

Inflatable are made for different purposes, some are made to be cheaper and not last as long, and some are made to withstand the test of countless years of bouncers. Ask yourself what purpose are you looking to buy an inflatable for? Will it be for residential recreational use? or will it be used for commercial purposes like rental operation or indoor play center? You can also check out this Residential vs. Commercial page for more information on differences in the products.


Report Licensed Knock-Offs

Have you come across counterfeit licensed inflatable knock-offs? Knock-offs are bad for your business and the entire amusement industry. Learn why and how you can report them.

Your Resources

Take advantage of Magic Jump's wealth of resources and information to keep ahead of the curve in the inflatable industry. Below you'll find several invaluable links to keep your business running smoothly.



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