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The sun is shining on a beautiful day and the heat is on, what better way to cool off that with a water slide, right? Everyone seems to agree that water slides are a fun fixture of any outdoor event or party during the warm summer months. At Magic Jump, we have compiled a collection of inflatable water slides that are sure to entertain at any outdoor event. Set up any one of our waterslides and watch as riders enjoy hours of fun in the sun. Every waterslide that we offer comes with high inflatable walls and safety nets to ensure safe and proper enjoyment. An inflatable waterslide is definitely everyone’s favorite option for fun during summer, so be sure to take advantage of the demand and include inflatable waterslides in your collection as well.

Magic Jump’s water slide inflatable bouncer designs are made for use at both large outdoor events and for private use as one’s very own backyard water slide. No matter where you set one up, either of these water slides is sure to attract a large crowd and provide endless entertainment. Inflatable water slides have become more popular over the years, especially during the summer when you start seeing backyard water slides in almost every neighborhood. Our collection of inflatable water slides and custom water slides include both average sized and giant water slides, all of which are sure to satisfy. Each waterslide comes with a pool attached for safe landing. We even have a collection of Slide N Splash rides and some unique inflatable waterslides that you will not find anywhere else.

Be sure to click through the images for more information on each water slide. Also, be sure to take advantage of our water slides sale. Finding a water slide inflatable for sale during the summer season is not easy, but Magic Jump is here to help you stock up on inflatable water slides for your party rental business. Our inflatable water slides are quality made to endure years of service and we have competitive inflatable prices for our valuable high quality water slides sale. Also make sure to check out our water slide inflatable accessories that will complement any water themed inflatable slide. Browse through the options and contact us with any questions or interests on our water slides, we look forward to doing business with you!

Still not sure which water slide is right for you? Check out our Water Slide Comparison page for more information and a side-by-side comparison of which wave model water slide would be the best fit for you.

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