How to setup and tear down a commercial inflatable water slide

Follow these easy steps on how you can setup and tear down your inflatable water slide with ease!


1) Set up your water slide in a location with sufficient space and where you will have access to water.

2) Use a ground sheet or tarp under the inflatable water slide to prevent any possible damages to the bottom and minimize dirt that can travel onto the inflatable.

How to setup and tear down a commercial inflatable water slide.

3) Determine where the entrance is and unroll the water slide. 

4) Ensure ALL water vents and zippers are tightly closed. Connect the blower to the inflation tube and make sure it’s secured tightly. Close all unused inflation tubes.

5) Anchor inflatable with stakes or sandbags.

6) Turn on the blower. Depending on the size of your water slide it can take anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes to fully inflate. 

7) If your water slide has a pool, fill it to the correct level. Next attach the garden hose to the spraying system and turn the spigot on to minimal water pressure.

Magic Jump’s How to video on how to easily setup and tear down a commercial grade inflatable water slide.

Tear down

1) Before turning off the power, make sure everyone has exited the Water Slide and is standing a safe distance away from the perimeter of the water slide.

2) Drain all remaining water from the inflatable and from the landing pool or splash zone.

3) Switch the blower off and remove the blower from the inflation tube. For tall water slides, direct the top portion to fall forward as it deflates.

4) Open all inflation tubes and deflation zippers. Open all water drain vents underneath.

5) Once deflated wipe off any large puddles of water with a clean rag. 

6) Remove all anchors.

7) You can walk on the inflatable and stomp out any trapped air. Once inflatable is flat, fold one side inward and make sure the inflation tubes do not get folded in. 

8) Starting from the opposite of the inflation tubes, walk on the folded side and continue to stomp out any trapped air. Repeat as necessary.

9) Now fold the opposite side all the way over and continue to stomp out any remaining air.

10) Place straps underneath the water slide near the inflation tubes. Now begin rolling inflatable toward the inflation tubes. For larger water slides one or more persons can roll as helpers continue to stomp air out of the inflatable.

11) Use the straps that were placed underneath to tie the rolled up water slide.

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