WandaVision, feeding the Marvel Craze

Are ready for it? Marvel and Disney+ have released spinoff shows from the Marvel Avengers movies.

WandaVision, one of the newest Spinoff series from Marvel and Disney+, is feeding the Marvel craze for fans. The miniseries first aired in January and now the final episode is out! Fans get to see a deeper look into the lives of Wanda and Vision outside of the Avengers.

This show is just a taste of the many Marvel Shows and movie spinoffs Disney and Disney+ announced last year. Have you been keeping up with WandaVision?

Here at Magic Jump, inc. we are huge Marvel fans—obviously. We are so excited to see all these new avenues of shows that continues to feed the Marvel universe.

Currently we have a selection of Avengers inflatables in-stock and what better timing than now? Marvel continues to be a hot topic among fans, so are you ready?

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