How to load Inflatables into your pickup truck

Follow these 9 easy steps on how you can load inflatables into your pickup truck with ease. Remember, if needed, always ask for assists when loading multiple inflatables or accessories onto your truck.

How to load inflatables into your pickup truck.
  1. Start by determining the order you will be dropping off the inflatables.
  2. Will first load the products you will be dropping off last.
  3. Depending on how heavy your inflatables are, you may need assistance of more people.
  4. You may use a milk crate or two blowers as a stool to help you.
  5. With a dolly or hand truck, wheeled the first inflatables on top of the blowers.
  6. Push the inflatable up and into the truck bed.
  7. Roll the inflatable to the end. Lift and push into the corner. By positioning your inflatables in a vertical direction, you will be able to fit more in the bed of your truck.
  8. Continue this step for the next inflatable. Depending on your truck’s bed size, you may be able to fit blowers, tables, and small accessories in between your inflatables.
  9. Once you have loaded all inflatables and accessories onto your truck, make sure to securely fasten all loose objects and accessories to prevent them from falling off during transportation.

Your truck is now ready to safely deliver your inflatables to your destination. 

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