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Magic Jump Inflatables News

Magic Jump Inc. buys out inflatable manufacturer Best Jumpers Inc.

Magic Jump announces today that it recently bought out Best Jumpers Inc. and all of it's inflatable inventory. Best Jumpers website remains open and is now managed by a different party, however, all of the manufactured inflatables that was in inventory during the buyout remains with Magic Jump. Best Jumpers Inc. was a U.S. manufacturer, based out of Sun Valley, CA and located only a few blocks away from Magic Jump Inc. Best Jumpers had been in business for a few years and manufactured all it's products in the U.S. Customers can now benefit from contacting Magic Jump Inc., home of high quality U.S. manufactured inflatables since 1996.

Magic Jump will be running clearance specials on all of Best Jumpers' inflatable inventory. If you are looking for a great deal on bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, water slides, and games, you can contact Magic Jump Inc. to get a full list of the inflatables we still have remaining for the clearance special pricing. You can also check out our Inflatables Sale page for current great deals on Magic Jump manufactured inflatables.

Best Jumpers Inflatable Clearance

Contact for Inflatables on Clearance Pricing:

Arsen Ambartsumyan
877-847-1313 ext 108

Steve Hawaii
877-847-1313 ext 105

The following items are still available for sale under the clearance prices. Note, last updated on December 5, 2012, this might not be the latest list, please contact one of the sales representatives above for the most recent list and information.

Games/InteractiveSize: L x W x HPriceClearance Price
40' Obstacle Course40' x 9' x 10'$3,995.00$2,495
30' Obstacle Course30' x 9' x 10'$3,595.00$2,095
30' Obstacle Course30' x 9' x 10'$3,595.00$2,095
2 Lane Bungee31' x 11' x 8'$2,495.00$1,795
Water GamesSize: L x W x HPriceClearance Price
Tropical Waterslide32' x 9' x 14'$2,695.00$1,595.00
SlidesSize: L x W x HPriceClearance Price
20ft Slide24' x 12' x 20'$3,495.00$2,795.00
Combo UnitsSize: L x W x HPriceClearance Price
Yellow Mini Combo13' x 19' x 14'$2,100.00$1,400.00
Mini Combo15' x 21' x 14'$2,200.00$1,500.00
Mini Combo15' x 21' x 14'$2,200.00$1,500.00
Bounce HousesSize: L x W x HPriceClearance Price
Balloons 213'x 13' x 14'$1,400.00$900.00
Pony13' x 13' x 14'$1,400.00$900.00
Sea World13' x 13' x 14'$1,400.00$900.00
Multi Color Fun House15' x 15' x 12'$1,500.00$950.00
USA Rocket15' x 15' x 14'$1,500.00$950.00
AccessoriesSize: L x W x HPriceClearance Price
Bungee Vest $95.00$50.00
Bungee Vest $95.00$50.00
Bungee Vest $95.00$50.00
Boxing Gloves $450.00$250.00

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