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Lite Combo Name Change to EZ Combos

EZ Combo Name ChangeRecently the name of our 4in1 Lite Combos changed to EZ Combos, why the name change you say? We wanted to clear up any confusion that might arise, and that was arising, from customers thinking that the material we used for the Lite Combo series was light weight, and therefore, does not meet the same high quality that we are known for making. This was clearly not the case, we use our usual 18oz vinyl fabric for our Lite Combos, and now our EZ Combos. The name Lite was not in reference to the weight of the material used, but to the compact design making it lighter weight than our other inflatable combo designs.

Many of our clients thought the word "Lite" meant we use the same light weight vinyl fabric that our competitors like Ninja Jump uses to make their inflatables weight less. We did not use this tactic because that makes the inflatables less durable, more vulnerable to damages, and likely to have a shorter life span. Therefore, we have changed the name of the Lite Combo series to EZ Combos to decrease confusion caused by the name.

Our EZ Combo series will have the same 4-in-1 features as our Lite Combo series did, having a full 13'x13' bouncing area, basketball hoop inside, climber, and a slide. The EZ Combos will be made with the same 18oz heavy duty vinyl fabric for high quality commercial grade products. The EZ Combos will also feature the same high base as the rest of our Bounce Houses for more bouncing action and fun, something most of our competitors in the industry don't like doing to save material cost. We at Magic Jump like to keep things clear and understanding so you know the level of products you will be purchasing from us will be of high quality and commercial grade with all the bouncing features to make you or your riders have a blast.

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